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#401 Chilean Wine
Location: Chile
A look at some of the most exciting wines of Chile including: Caliterra, Arboleda, Sena, and Vina Errazuriz. Travel to many of Chile’s most important wine regions, and learn what makes each special. Also, food and wine pairing at one of Santiago’s best restaurants.
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#402 Switzerland-The Lake Geneva Region
Location: Switzerland
Part of the French-speaking area of Switzerland, the Lake Geneva Region has it all: great food, great wine, and great scenery. Come out on Lake Geneva with a local fisherman, sample some of his daily catch at one of the area’s finest hotels, and match the stupendous seafood with some equally excellent local wine. In the city of Geneva, visit a traditional butcher, a world-class chocolatier, and the city’s most famous fondue restaurant. 
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#403 The Markets and Wines of Chile
Location: Chile
Located about three hours south of Santiago, the Valle du Maule is home to Chile’s only wholly American owned winery-Calina. From the vision of Kendall-Jackson founder Jess Jackson, Calina crafts top-notch wines including: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and a Chilean specialty, Carmenere. In Santiago, visit the downtown produce market and the Mercado Central, the oldest market in the city-one that specializes in seafood.
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#404 Campania
Location: Campania, Italy
From the pizza of Naples, to the seafood of the Amalfi Coast, to the wines of Feudi di San Gregorio, this is a show packed with passion and personality. First, Feudi di San Gregorio, the best wine producer in the region. Using ancient grape varietals like Fiano di Avellino, Grecco di Tuffo, and Aglianico, Feudi crafts wines of pedigree and distinction. In Naples, sample traditional Neopolitan pizza. Farther down the coast, shop at a local seafood market, watch the production of fresh mottzarella cheese, and partake of the culinary excellence of a local Michelin one star restaurant.
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