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Now passing the 100 episode mark in its four year hit run on Public Broadcasting, Culinary Travels with Dave Eckert continues to carve out a unique niche in the ever crowded world of culinary television. The new series of 26 half-hour episodes, which debuts this March on PBS-TV affiliates across the country, promises to take viewers on culinary journeys like no other show on broadcast or cable. Staying true to his theme of highlighting what’s local, indigenous, and unique from a food, wine, and spirits standpoint, host Dave Eckert continues to use his Emmy-award winning broadcast skills and highly honed palette to entertain, enlighten, and educate.

“There’s no other show like this on television,” says Eckert. “Culinary Travels combines my 25 years of television journalism experience with life’s passion for food, wine, spirits, and travel. Our programs focus on the products, places, and personalities that make up our delicious world. And, while I enjoy the ride, I always try to remember that these are their stories, not mine.” In these days of screen-hogging, camera mugging, not nearly as funny as they think they are television hosts, that’s both refreshing and unique.

Eckert’s journey in year four brings viewers experiences from around the world. They’ll visit a floating market outside Bangkok, tour the seafood and produce markets in Santiago, experience Greek ruins on Sicily where olive oil was made 26-hundred years ago, and take a shot at some perch fishing on Lake Geneva, Switzerland just to name a few.

On the wine front, Eckert dives into Tuscany for a look at Castello Banfi, one of the finest producers in Montalcino, travels to Champagne to the grape harvest and crush at Champagne Mumm and Champagne Perrier-Jouet, and heads to the Rhone Valley for a show with the original Rhone Ranger, Michel Chapoutier. Spirits visits include stops in both Scotland and Mexico for a taste of Single Malt Scotch at The Dalmore and authentic Tequila at El Tesoro. Through it all there are food pairings, tasting notes, and a wealth of non-technical information that makes Culinary Travels with Dave Eckert a must watch for wine and spirits aficionados and novices alike.

“ There are so many great culinary stories out there, and they all tie in to the culture, history, and cuisine of the region from which they emanate,” exclaims Eckert. “I feel like I can give viewers a sense of all of that, plus some mouthwatering food.”

Now on Direct TV, The Dish Network, U.S. Air, Delta, and Northwest Airlines, as well as nearly 200 Public Broadcasting affiliates across the country, Culinary Travels

With Dave Eckert is not to be missed. Viewers should contact their local PBS station to make sure they’re picking it up.

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