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Program Information

Mysteries of Deep Space Television Credits

Thomas Lucas and Larry Engel

Thomas Lucas

Stacy Keach

Jonathan Grupper

Larry Engel
Boyd Estus
Richard Lerner

Adam Zucker

Richard Fiocca

3-D Animation Design:
Michael Marlowe
M Squared Art/So Animation

David Helfand
Steve Maran

Associate Producer:
Erica Heilman

Graphics and Photo Stills:
Adam Saper

Assistant Editor:
Anand Kamalakar

Sound Mixer:
Paul Furedi
John Alberts Sound Design

Astrophysical Simulations:
Edward Bertschinger
Adam Burrows
Eric Ford
Bruce Fryxell
John Hayes
Lars Hernquist
Chis Mihos
Michael Norman
Fred Rasio
John Shalf
Frank Summers

Simulations Producers:
Donna Cox
Robert Patterson
Wayne Lytle

Production Executive for Engel Bros. Media:
Steven Engel

For Devillier Donegan Enterprises

Supervising Producer:
Greg Diefenbach

Executive Producers:
Ron Devillier
Brian Donegan

Mysteries of Deep Space on the Web

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Anne L. Tweed, Eaglecrest High School
Brenton R. Burnett, Eaglecrest High School

Mysteries of Deep Space is a production of Engel Brothers Media, Inc./ Thomas Lucas Producations in association with Devillier Donegan Enterprises.

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