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During Annual Meeting, we’re taking a moment to interview our Development Colleagues and Station Supporters.  Next up – Josh Knauer, Board Member at WQED.

Name, station affiliated with, position with station?Josh

Josh Knauer, WQED Pittsburgh, Board Member

Can you share with us what excites you about PBS, what inspired you to become a station supporter?

I have been so impressed by PBS’ role as a voice for local communities, creating and broadcasting content that inspires, educates and informs. I grew up watching PBS (Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers and the Electric Company) and now my kids have as well. We also enjoy a lot of the other educational and arts programming that you can only find on PBS. When I moved to Pittsburgh, which of course is Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, how could I not get involved and help continue to build on this incredible legacy?

What was your favorite part of this Annual Meeting? Is there anything you’ve learned that you didn’t know?

I really enjoyed the American Masters plenary session with Henry Louis Gates, Jr, LL Cool J and the kids/teacher from PS 10 Magnet School in NYC. I was floored by the deep impact that PBS programming (beyond just PBS Kids) can have on younger generations. Hearing Dr. Gates’ speak about why he does the work, and then seeing the direct impact it has on so many across diverse communities was inspiring.

What is your favorite PBS series or Program?

Downton Abbey was by far my favorite, but now I’m really enjoying Mercy Street and I always have a soft spot for Antiques Roadshow. I am very excited to explore with my family some of the other programs I learned about at the Annual Meeting!

If you could switch places with any PBS character, who would it be and why?

I’m pretty happy with being who I am!

What is your escapist fantasy? On days when you’re tired/overwhelmed and imagine going off the grid, where do you go? What do you do?

When I’m overwhelmed and tired, I almost always imagine myself in nature, whether it be mountain, forest or ocean. Scuba diving is probably my favorite thing that helps me de-stress. The experience of being deep under the ocean in a weightless state, swimming with sea turtles, rays and all of the other incredible sea life is pure bliss for me.

Are you on Twitter?

@jknauer…and LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshknauer

Toanya Kesse | Director, Corporate Support, Station Relations | PBS

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