PMDMC: Corporate Support Track Overview

We hope you’ll join us in Boston on August 11th & 12th for the Public Media Development and Marketing Conference (PMDMC)!  The event is chock-full of innovation and results-driven learning in revenue generation, marketing, and leadership across all of public media’s platforms.  Below is an overview of the Corporate Support Track that is relevant to PTV professionals; we hope to see you at these sessions!

Successes Selling PBS Tent-Poles
Thursday, August 11th  |  9:45-11:00AM

Linda Green Clark | Corporate Accounts Manager, WITF | Harrisburg
Elizabeth Laval | Senior Vice President for Content & Development, ValleyPBS | Fresno

Learn from station colleagues about success and ideas for making the most of PBS programming priorities and tent-poles like Mercy Street and Jackie Robinson. As we gear up for a new season of outstanding programs, Victoria included, hear from stations who’ve had success building packages around pop-out shows. We feature stations that built sponsorship buzz around these programs, including community engagement opportunities.

Determining Value and Process for Your Digital Ad Inventory
Thursday, August 11th  |  11:30AM-12:30PM

Mary Hawley | VP, Underwriting Sales, Southern California Public Radio
Marci Ozawa Director, Corporate Support, OPB
Laura Landress | Manager of Corporate Support, Nashville Public Radio

From web banners and pre-roll to email and mobile platforms, we explore the digital ad products being used successfully in public media today. We present a primer on how to prioritize the implementation of ad products and forecast corresponding revenue, including the roll-out of newer ad units and less-defined platforms like social media. We also discuss how to build your sales process to support digital sales –the infrastructure, workflow, tools and more. We share scalable recommendations for different sized/resourced stations.

The First Toe in the Door – Marketing Ourselves to Prospective Clients
Thursday, August 11th  |  2:30-3:45PM

Chris Barch | Director of Corporate Marketing, WMFE | Orlando
Donna Fuhrman | Market Enginuity Creative Services, Market Enginuity
Kathy Agosta | Director Corporate Support, Michigan Radio

As corporate support professionals, we talk a good game to our clients, but how effective are we in marketing our stations to potential customers? We offer tips for leveraging websites, email marketing, social media and other assets to effectively communicate our value proposition to our clients. We also share recent field research conducted with agencies in multiple markets that informs practical steps we can take to present media kits and presentations that resonate.

Managing Corporate Support at a Time of Change: First, Getting the Basics Right
Thursday, August 11th  |  2:30PM-3:45PM

Barbara Duke Sams | Director of Corporate Support, WFYI | Indianapolis
Susan Tran Underwriting Sales Manager, MPBN | Portland
Tom Interrante | Sales Director, WXPN | Philadelphia

Today managers are asked to do more than ever as the corporate support landscape is ever changing. How do you manage your people and your inventory to maximize revenue? Hear from three sales managers from high performing teams on how they have managed priorities. They started with a strong foundation of basics and were then able to both keep their teams motivated and push them in new ways. Managers only.

Underwriting Category Spotlight: Automotive
Friday, August 12th  |  9:45-11:00AM

Paul Jacobs | VP and General Manager, Jacobs Media 

A PMDMC destination! In a competitive media environment, it’s critically important to be able to engage in smart conversations with our prospects and sponsors. As an election year also brings new opportunities for public media to penetrate business categories not always easily in our wheelhouse, it’s the right year to talk automotive! We hear directly from a sponsor to gain insights about the evolving business issues and concerns facing this important business category, as well as discuss strategies for creating and cultivating successful relationships with our current and prospective automotive clients that highlight the unique value of public media sponsorship.

2016 PBS Local Underwriting Category Study
Friday, August 12th  |  11:30AM-12:30PM

Marlene Schneider | Director, Enginuity Workshop

Category spending research, recently commissioned by PBS Development Services in partnership with TRAC Media, was conducted to examine which business categories invest in local PBS corporate support, and to inform local underwriting practices and strategy. The results are in, and we are excited to share which business categories are the strongest for public television and how those categories compare with those advertising on commercial, as well as benchmarks for number of accounts and account size across top categories. We also discuss recommendations for applying the learning to grow local underwriting revenue.

Growing Your Corporate Account List and Revenue
Friday, August 12th  |  2:30-3:45PM

Ren Bell | Senior Sponsorship Consultant, Community Idea Stations | Richmond
Marv Nyren | Vice President, WBEZ | Chicago
Brian Benschoter | Corporate Support Manager, KUT | Austin

Effective prospecting is an important part of underwriting success. Evolving technologies and communication platforms provide a myriad of ways to reach new prospects beyond cold calling. Station colleagues share tips for adapting to the changing forms of communication to cultivate and grow your account list. We also share tactics for increasing revenue from the most likely source of growth– existing clients! There is something for everyone here whether you’re operating on a shoestring budget or are part of a large corporate support team.

Underwriting Networking Session: The Best Worst Ideas
Friday, August 12th  |  4:15-5:15PM

Bob Dea | Vice President Corporate Underwriting, PBS SoCal

Bring your humility and share what you wish you hadn’t done this year. We all make mistakes; it’s learning from them that counts! In this interactive end-of-conference session we take the chance to laugh with and learn from each other. We’ll break into groups for networking and discussion, and then reconvene to award prizes for the best worst ideas of 2016!

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