10 Things Every PTV Sales Rep Should Know

So, you’re a TV sales rep. Maybe you’ve been selling for years… (commercial or broadcast TV, radio, newspaper), but you’re new to public television and are wondering what sets PBS apart. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s start with what PBS is and is not: PBS broadcasts programs, but it is not a broadcast network. PBS is a highly regarded, familiar channel, but it is more than television. PBS is a national nonprofit organization with member stations nationwide who engage with their communities, providing a window to the world through local initiatives, events and programming. And PBS is the only national resource that uses the power and accessibility of noncommercial television, the web, and other media to educate, enlighten, and inform.

Are you wondering who the PBS audience is, how social they are, where to find support materials for your sales activities? This infographic was designed to help answer those questions too. And if you leave this blogpost with even more burning questions, fear not—we are here to help you!10 Things Every PTV Sales Rep Should Know. PBS Colors. v2

Toanya Kessé | Director, Corporate Support, Station Relations | PBS
Lauren Cummings | Associate Director, Corporate Support, Station Relations | PBS
Beth Drake | Senior Associate, Corporate Support, Station Relations | PBS

2 thoughts on “10 Things Every PTV Sales Rep Should Know

  1. Steve Gregory Reply

    These would make great little “Send-along” in an email to prospective clients. If you had them in individual box, picture form we could copy and paste!

    • Corporate Support Post authorReply

      I’m so glad you like these Steve! I’ve uploaded the original file in PPT to Dropbox if you’d like to use pieces of it.

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