Marketing Planned Giving Year-Round: Introducing the Bequest Portfolio

Planned Giving is a marathon, not a sprint. According to the 2016 SABS, the ROI for Planned Giving was $8.94 compared to $2.29 for Membership, $4.20 for Corporate Support, and $5.90 for Major Giving. Planned Giving is a long term strategy, and is worth the investment.  We believe that all stations can make it a priority for long term financial sustainability. To help grow your program, a Bequest Portfolio has been created through the work of the Planned Giving Capacity Building Project, a collaboration between PBS and PBS Member Stations.

The Bequest Portfolio has been created with stations in mind. It’s an easily digestible guide of how to successfully market Planned Giving. Following this portfolio will help make Planned Giving front and center at your station. It is broken out into three sections – Tips, Tools and Techniques.

  • The tips section includes a case study of East Tennessee PBS.
  • In the tools section you’ll find all the materials you need to run your marketing campaign, including multi-channel assets and response mechanisms.
  • The techniques section will be your go-to guide to successfully execute a year-round Planned Giving campaign, including a marketing flight calendar.


This year we launched our fourth annual National Estate Planning Awareness Campaign (NEPAC or “Ducks In A Row”).* 56 stations participated in this week-long campaign that is aimed to raise financial planning awareness. Through that one week, NEPAC 2017 yielded 231 new planned gift expectancies (28% increase YOY), 1607 requests for more planned giving information (57% increase YOY) and 7027 requests for the offer (37% increase YOY). Click here for the Insights & Findings Report. NEPAC continues to be a successful campaign, however it is just one touch point with donors about the benefits of Planning Giving. Imagine what this signature campaign could yield with stations running year-round Planned Giving marketing campaigns!

Marketing Planned Giving year-round will have a high return for the future sustainability of our PBS member system. Join us in this effort to advance Planned Giving. Download the Bequest Portfolio.

*Applications will open for 2018 NEPAC in early May. Look for an announcement on this site and in Spotlight.

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