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In support of The Great American Read and PBS member stations’ ongoing efforts to prepare young children for success in school and life, PBS KIDS has worked with First Book, a national non-profit dedicated to providing high quality books and educational resources to low income children, to design a PBS KIDS Read book purchase and donation program stations can activate through their local fundraising activities.

The simple calculus is that for each $4 raised, First Book will provide a book for a low income child in your community*

How will it work?

Stations can choose to provide books to 1-3 local schools or programs serving children from low-income families. These organizations can include local libraries, schools, social service agencies, and/or for the station itself if the station plans to distribute books directly to kids in need.

The only requirement is that the designated organizations serve low income children and meet First Book eligibility requirements.

Once your fundraising effort is concluded, you will simply need to contact First Book to transfer the donated funds to the designated organizations in the form of a First Book Gift Credit. These credits will then be available for use by the designated organizations to purchase brand new books at special prices on the First Book Marketplace.

For every $4 donated to First Book, $3 will be allocated directly to selected school or program and $1 used to support First Book’s broader work your community and across the country.

To set up accounts for your designated organizations and facilitate the First Book Gift Credits, please email or call 866-READ-NOW.

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*NOTE: The total number of books ultimately distributed through this partnership may vary depending on the books selected. For every $4 donated $3 will be used to provide a new book to a child in your local community ($3 is the average price of books available via the First Book Marketplace) and $1 will be donated to First Book to support their broader efforts in your community and nationwide.

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