Provides professional services, innovative fundraising tactics, and resources to enhance individual giving activities and increase financial sustainability. Questions about the below resources and initiatives? Contact us!

Tools and Resources

  • PBS Training Academy: Getting Started with Sustainers
  • Sustainer Learning Center A dynamic resource designed to give you background, context and real-life examples to help stations build a monthly giving program that maximizes revenue through best practices.
    • Getting Prepared: Thirteen steps to making sure your station is ready to run the best possible sustainer program.
    • Techniques: Best practices for converting valuable donors to sustainers using a multi-channel approach.
    • Maximize Your Program: Guide to retaining, engaging, and upgrading new and existing sustainers.
    • Resources: Everything you need for your sustainer essentials checklist, including files you can download and print.
  • Year-Round Fundraising Spots for Antiques Roadshow, Nature and NOVA: Located on PBS Source. Select Development at the bottom of the home page. These 2:00 spots are designed to air primarily outside of pledge as an interstitial element to be used immediately following credits for the specific program, but can be used inside pledge breaks as well. Two video versions of each – with v/over and without plus the full scripted text document.
  • Fund Your Favorite Evergreen Promo Spots for all five core program genre’s: Science & Nature, News & Public Affairs, Kids, Drama and Arts: Located on PBS Source (search by Fund Your Favorites), these 30-second promos are designed to remind your audience that their favorite programs both need and deserve their financial support.
  • Season of Giving Toolkit: Increase your chances for a successful year-end by diversifying your fundraising efforts. In this toolkit, you will find easy, scalable, turnkey resources to promote seasonal fundraising opportunities in corporate support, membership and philanthropy.
  • #ILovePBS and ValuePBS Fundraising Campaign

Training, Professional Development, and Cohort-Based Learning

Produces tools and resources designed to help stations increase local sponsorship revenue. The entire Corporate Support Library is located on the Source. Click below to find specific assets. Questions about the below initiatives? Contact us!

  • Proposal Builders: Fully Contextualized graphs, charts, and statistics to mix and match as makes sense for the client and their marketing objectives.
  • One-sheets: The Corporate Support series and pipeline one-sheets are intended as a leave-behind or conversation starter for the purposes of local corporate sponsorship with existing or prospective clients. They’re created around specific shows and genres.
  • Proposals: This area includes sample sales proposals for local use, ranging from customizable national templates and station examples around primetime and PBS KIDS programming, key PBS audiences and initiatives.
  • Compelling Research: We’ve aimed to curate some of the available PBS and other research that best supports local underwriting activities and the PBS value proposition.
  • Trainings and Professional Development, including:
    • CSPI: (Corporate Support Performance Initiative). A three part program for station professionals designed to enhance their product knowledge and sales skills. Program 1: Builds a fundamental knowledge of the PBS product, market and media environment that PBS representatives need to master in order to differentiate PBS and make a successful value proposition. Program 2: Uses the principles of program 1 to build discrete selling skills, from the initial customer engagement to securing commitment from the sponsor. Program 3: offers coaching for managers looking to institutionalize CSPI methodology back at their stations. Interested in hosting or attending? Contact us!
    • Webinars & Conference Presentations: Recordings and slides of webinars you may have missed or want to revisit as well as conference materials from past sessions at Annual Meeting and PMDMC.

Development Services’ Philanthropy offers a wide range of products and service to support your major and planned giving efforts. Questions about the below resources and initiatives? Contact us!

In collaboration with PBS Digital, we provide professional services and scalable digital solutions to build a culture of innovation that drives station financial sustainability. Questions about the below resources and initiatives? Contact us!

Thought Leadership

Publish digital fundraising reports, whitepapers, case studies, and blog posts to highlight emerging technologies, elevate “good” practices, and share station success stories.

Cohort-Based Learning

Create collaborative group environments to pilot emerging technologies, acquire/reactivate donors, and cultivate prospect portal prospects.

On-boarding & Training

Develop and execute station on-boarding strategies to deploy digital fundraising products and drive adoption; deliver marketing tools and assets for stations to leverage in support of digital fundraising product.