How Viewers Are Changing the Future of PBS: A Q&A with Market Researcher Susan Frazier

If you’ve ever watched Frontline on your tablet or Downton Abbey on your television, Public Broadcasting Service wants to hear about it.  In order for PBS to remain relevant and competitive, the company uses viewer feedback to inform programming and marketing. Continue reading “How Viewers Are Changing the Future of PBS: A Q&A with Market Researcher Susan Frazier”

Intern Corner: Dani Velasco

This summer was filled with memorable “first times.” It was the first time I have ever lived walking distance to the Lincoln Memorial and the National Mall, the first time my place of employment had a fully stocked snack room, and the first time I had the privilege of staying in a hotel room alone (don’t worry, I didn’t go overboard on room service). Continue reading “Intern Corner: Dani Velasco”

PMDMC: Corporate Support Track Overview

We hope you’ll join us in Boston on August 11th & 12th for the Public Media Development and Marketing Conference (PMDMC)!  The event is chock-full of innovation and results-driven learning in revenue generation, marketing, and leadership across all of public media’s platforms.  Below is an overview of the Corporate Support Track that is relevant to PTV professionals; we hope to see you at these sessions! Continue reading “PMDMC: Corporate Support Track Overview”

You’ve Sold a PBS Sponsorship – Now What?

We all get excited when we close a deal.  And we should be, but we can’t rest on our laurels.  We must be vigilant because some other media sales rep will be calling our new client any second.  As PTV Corporate Support professionals, we need to think about how we can engage with our clients so we can form mutually beneficial, lasting partnerships. Continue reading “You’ve Sold a PBS Sponsorship – Now What?”

PBS Online Film Festival

PBS is known for many things, one of which is being a pioneer in Indie films.  To further our engagement with this dynamic community, PBS launched in 2012 the PBS Online Film Festival.  This film fest has been growing ever since.  I took the opportunity to interview Taryn Stewart who heads up this effort for PBS to give an overview of the fest and highlight how your station can engage with this film fest. Continue reading “PBS Online Film Festival”

Station Spotlight: WXXI’s Indie Film Movement

During the PBS Regional Meeting in Baltimore last Fall, I had the pleasure of meeting some of the staff from WXXI | Rochester. I was oblivious to their amazing efforts in the wonderful world of Indie film; my eyes were opened listening to WXXI’s team share their experience during the Super 7 Session about PBS’s Multiplatform Independence Film Initiative.  They provided me their corporate support colleague’s name – Alison Zero Jones – as I was very interested to find out how they leverage this platform with sponsors.  Below is my interview with Alison.   Continue reading “Station Spotlight: WXXI’s Indie Film Movement”

Relational Fundraising, It Starts at the Top

At this year’s Annual Meeting, we facilitated a session called “Relational Fundraising, It Starts at the Top” with Tom Karlow/KPBS, Gary Stokes/KSPS, and Kurt Mische/KNPB.  The conversation was lively, and lots of good ideas were shared. To continue this dialogue, we’ve asked Tom, Gary, and Kurt to share their insight. Continue reading “Relational Fundraising, It Starts at the Top”