Annual Meeting Conference Survival Tips

Congratulations!  You’re off to Annual Meeting in Chicago!  From hearing from former FCC Chairman (& the man we have to thank for PBS’s existence) Newton Minow, to television legend Norman Lear, to Frontline’s Executive Producer Raney Aronson-Rath, the schedule is full of engaging opportunities.  And that’s just the beginning as we get to the meat of it all in the concurrent sessions and networking breaks.  Here are a few tips to make the most of your valuable experience at Annual Meeting: Continue reading “Annual Meeting Conference Survival Tips”

8 Tips for Hiring an Effective Corporate Support Team

  1. The Best Time to Hire is When You’re Not Hiring
    Proactive candidates, who reach out to make their interest in your station known, even when a job posting is not listed, are often go-getters that already feel a strong connection and fit with your station. Also, hiring at a time when you are not feeling stress and pressure due to a gap in your staff leads to a more strategic hire. Even if you don’t have the current hiring bandwidth, having capable and interested candidates in the hopper never hurts.

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What I Learned From My First Agency Visits

In May of 2015, I was hired by PBS to work in a newly created position supporting the PBS sales leads (those being the sales teams at producing stations WETA, WGBH, WNET, and non-producing entity, NPM).  While my background in public broadcasting spanned 22 years, corporate sponsorship was brand new to me.  I had absolutely no experience with pitching to advertising agencies, but I had to hit the ground running since I was taking on a pilot that was well under way and incorporated agency engagement.

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Station Spotlight: PBS SoCal

Today’s post features an interview with a dynamic duo – Bob Dea (VP, Corporate Underwriting) and Kim Roberson (Account Manager, Kids Corporate Sponsorship) of PBS SoCal.  Bob and the rest of the team sell PBS SoCal’s General Audience programming while Kim sells exclusively PBS KIDS.  What’s unique about them is how they leverage their KIDS programming to sell GA content.

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PBS Research on the Rentrak and comScore Merger

PBS Research has long been a Nielsen subscriber, for both national (NTI) and local station (NSI) ratings. PBS also subscribes to both Google Analytics and comScore. In our reports and presentations, we strive to aggregate these dissimilar data to create a total audience picture, while knowing that the number of people watching during an average minute is very different from streams or views, and even if we could add them together there’s no way to remove duplication across different samples.

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“Why Sponsor on PBS?” The Audience Attitudes & Behaviors Infographic Tells the Story

PBS Development Services is proud to announce the results of the 2015 PBS Sponsorship Study: Audience Attitudes and Behaviors. The survey was designed to illuminate the myriad benefits of sponsoring on PBS and to paint a picture of PBS’ attentive and appealing viewership. The audience for this research is potential sponsors and brand/media agency representatives. The data should be used to inform sponsorship-related conversations at both local and national levels.

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