Webinar: Surviving a Budget Cut, with Arizona Public Media

2018 Philanthropy Development Award Winner: Arizona Public Media

Oct 25, 2018
2:00 – 3:00 pm ET
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Join Enrique Aldana, Director of Development at Arizona Public Media, as he talks about the station’s perseverance when faced with a $2 million cash budget cut, something that could have been catastrophic. But instead, the development department sprang into action.

They doubled-down on the already personal relationship between AZPM and the southern Arizona community, instilling “pride of ownership” in its Leadership Society. Continuously messaging a sense of investment for its members to build a better southern Arizona, AZPM engaged key stakeholders, empowered them, and mobilized them to raise more money. From 2015 to 2017, AZPM increased fundraising revenue to $2.5 million—a 103% increase!

Learn how AZPM thrived during a difficult situation to ultimately build a stronger bond between donors, station volunteer leaders, and the community at-large. Be sure to bring your questions!

Webinar: Reinventing OPB Membership Through Culture Change

2018 Membership Development Award Winner: OPB
“Reinventing OPB Membership Through Culture Change”

October 23, 2018
2:00 – 3:00pm ET
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Join the 2018 Membership Development Award winner, OPB, for a webinar to learn how they successfully evolved an already mature membership program into one that can continue to grow in a changing media landscape. By shifting the focus from generating immediate revenue to focus on member acquisition & retention, relying on data to drive decisions, testing new strategies, and promoting collaboration, OPB changed the culture of the entire membership department in a way that all stations can model and learn from. In the past six years, OPB has seen a 30% increase in members, a 600% increase in new sustainers, and an overall retention rate of 77% — which all contributed to a 65% increase in revenue.

Webinar: Development Award Winner – OETA Foundation’s Mosaic Oklahoma

Webinar: OETA Foundation- 2018 Development Award Winner, in the Special Achievement Category

October, 18, 2018
2:00 – 3:00pm ET
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Join the OETA Foundation as they take a deep dive into their successful “Mosaic Oklahoma” series, which earned them a 2018 Development Award. This hyper-local series travels the state to piece together its fascinating mosaic of people and cultures. This initiative was successful because of OETA Foundation’s team approach to build multiple revenue streams and strong relationships. As producers shot a sunrise with cowboys on horseback, the development team got to know major donors and prospects in town. The underwriter met with local business owners while the pledge producer scouted locations for a preview event. At a time when stations need to make sure they remain relevant in their communities, this is an excellent example. When the production premiered during pledge, it generated $17,000 in one hour, and 40% of these were new donors. They secured $150,000 through two corporate sponsors, and they continue to build the series to tell the stories of Oklahoma.

Webinar: Corporate Support – Teamwork Creates Partnerships that Benefit All

2018 Corporate Support Development Award Winner: CET & ThinkTV
“Teamwork Creates Partnerships That Benefit All”

September 18, 2018
2:00 – 3:00pm ET
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Join CET & ThinkTV’s Robert Ashe and Greg Schell

as they take a deep dive into their station’s successful corporate support strategy, which earned them a 2018 Development Award. Learn how they successfully broke down silos inside their station and leveraged strong internal collaborations across numerous departments – corporate relations, development, education, digital, art, production, and business development – to secure new corporate partners, which accounted for a 57% increase in overall revenue in 2017!

It was a collaborative approach combined with innovation and creativity that established CET and ThinkTV as trusted brands throughout their community. And their partnerships and presence are everywhere- museums, school systems, libraries, the aquarium, with the Cincinnati Reds, science festivals, and they even partnered with local dry cleaners for a Mr. Rogers Sweater Drive. Be sure to bring your questions for Robert and Greg!

Webinar: Corporate Support Development Award Winner- East Tennessee PBS

Webinar: East Tennessee PBS’s 24/7 KIDS Service Launch

Join Linda Ridings, as she details East Tennessee PBS’s success launching the PBS KIDS 24/7 Service, which earned them a 2017 Development Award!

In Tennessee, 65% of children don’t attend pre-school. That number jumps even higher in low-income communities. As a small station, East Tennessee PBS had to secure new funding for the launch that would serve this audience today and for the future. To achieve this, East Tennessee initiated something we should all be doing: they worked across the entire station from marketing to production to outreach to first get buy-in, and then gather new ideas from everyone at the station. In only four months, East Tennessee PBS honed in on the right community partners, used PBS value messaging, and created unique packages and strategies to sign on seven new sponsors, and generate $28,000 in annual revenue for the next five years! Be sure to bring your questions, as there will be plenty of time for Q&A!