PBS KIDS Presents: Freezer Burn - Freshest Tunes

About This Album

Learn about food and healthy eating habits with these educational songs from Fizzy’s Lunch Lab!


1. Wheat Is Sweet 2. Fruit Is Nature’s Candy 3. Feast of the Seven Seas 4. Hydration Nation 5. Food Rainbow Rock 6. Taste Bud World Tour 7. Give Your Heart a Valentine 8. Calcii-Yum-Yum 9. Ballad of Fiber 10. Exercise!!! 11. Stuffed Tummy Blues 12. Don’t Forget the Nuts 13. Watch Out for Sodium 14. Veggie Rock 15. It’s So Easy to Grow a Tomato 16. It’s Halloween Night 17. Don’t Get Carried Away for the Holidays

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