“All of my TVs are connected to antennas, but only some have built-in digital tuners.”

Those TVs with built-in digital tuners (how can I tell?) should already be receiving DTV signals and are ready for DTV.

Those without a built-in digital tuner will stop receiving broadcast signals in February 2009. You have three options to get ready for DTV:

  • Install a digital converter box.

    A converter box connects to your TV and works as an external digital tuner, making over-the-air DTV signals compatible with your TV. A converter box is a one-time purchase with no monthly fees. Learn more, including how to save money on the purchase of a box and how to install a box, in the converter box area of this site.

  • Buy a new digital TV.

    Buy a new digital TV. Most TVs for sale today are DTVs; they have built-in digital tuners that can receive DTV signals. Prices range from a hundred dollars to several thousand dollars depending on size, quality and features.

    For information on recycling your old TV set, visit www.mygreenelectronics.com

  • Subscribe to a pay TV service such as cable or satellite.

    Options vary depending on where you live, so ask friends, family or a neighbor for recommendations.

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Listen to a message from Kevin and Norm about checking the health of your antenna.

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