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  • Colorado is admitted to the Union, the 38th state

  • The first photograph of the solar spectrum is taken by John William Draper, a physicist and astronomer at New York University

  • A mimeograph device is invented by Thomas A. Edison in his laboratory at Menlo Park, NJ. It is probably the first practical duplicating machine.

  • Central Park is completed in New York City

  • The Dewey Decimal System of classification of library books is originated by Melvil Dewey

  • The Philadelphia Mummers' parade is organized in celebration of the centennial

  • A prohibition amendment to the Constitution is introduced for the first time

  • Alexander Graham Bell patents the telephone
  • 1876
  • Rutherford B. Hayes is inaugurated President of the United States

  • Root beer appears on the market, produced & distributed by Charles Elmer Hires

  • The first interconnection of lines by a telephone switchboard is made in Boston

  • The Society of American Artists is founded by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Wyatt Eaton, Walter Shirlaw, and Miss Helena De Kay

  • The first successful Sunday edition of a daily newspaper is published by the Philadelphia Times

  • Thomas A. Edison completes his phonograph. He files for a patent for the device on Dec. 15.

  • Tchaikovsky composes Swan Lake

  • Russo-Turkish war begins
  • 1877
  • The District of Columbia is given a new government by Congress. Residents would have no direct voice in either local or national government.

  • Russo-Turkish war ends
  • 1878
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