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The activities and lesson plans developed for this Web site comprise a multidisciplinary unit that uses television and computers as learning tools in the subject areas of science and language arts. Although the lessons are written for middle school level students, the lessons could be modified for elementary or school level students. Each lesson also could be modified for use at home.

These classroom activities were created to parallel the one-hour television documentary "Living Edens: Canyonlands." Each of the four lessons includes: recommended time needed to complete the lesson, a list of necessary materials, clear learning objectives, a teaching procedure, assessment recommendations, extension ideas, and relevant national standards. Each lesson also contains recommended Web resources.

Survival Rummy Students will make their own customized deck of cards and play a game of gin rummy in order to learn how animals have adapted to the environment of the Canyonlands.

Write About It Students will discuss figures of speech used in the video narration and write their own figures of speech and haiku about imagery in "Canyonlands."

Tonight Our Guest Is . . . Students research and give a presentation about the adaptations of the nocturnal animals shown in "Canyonlands."

The Power of Water The students will design and conduct an experiment to determine the effect water has on erosion.

All lessons and activities were created by Doris Morris, who has taught elementary school for 32 years and currently teaches at Warner Elementary School in Wilmington, Delaware. She has participated in a number of professional development programs all over the globe, in places such as Belize, Costa Rica, Key Largo, and the Bronx Zoo. She has received numerous awards throughout her career, but most recently she has been awarded the duPont Polymers Environmental Respect Award (1991), the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Teaching (1995), and the Compaq Computer Education Award (1999).

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