Welcome to the Patagonia Teacher Resources!
These lessons were developed to provide interesting, hands-on science for middle level students; however, the lessons do contain suggested extensions and adjustments for use with elementary and secondary students. Each lesson can also be modified to be conducted at home.

The lessons were created to parallel the program, The Living Edens "Patagonia." The lesson plans focus on the specific aspects of this environment and target elements of Patagonia that represent this truly unique region.

Suggestions for lesson content improvement and implementation are always welcome. Your comments will assist in making the lessons more user friendly. Please e-mail your comments and/or suggestions to PBS Online.

Dwight Sieggreen
Master Teacher

About the Teacher Resources Author
Among the honors he has received during 27 years of teaching, Dwight Sieggreen has been awarded the 1997 NSTA Distinguished Teaching Award, the 1996 Chemical Manufacturers' Association Catalyst Award, and the 1992 National Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching. He was co-winner of the Michigan Science Teacher of the Year award in 1987.

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