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CREATE A Valentine's Day to Remember

CREATE – what an amazing word!  It’s the top of Bloom’s Taxonomy.  It’s right in the middle of the Engineering Design Process. It’s what we want children to be able to do as they grow and learn, and what we know is one of the most memorable parts of school. 

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Make Your Valentine’s Day Lessons Even Sweeter with Pinkalicious

As January comes to a close and February is in full gear The hearts of students and teachers are bursting with good cheer. For this is the season when love is in bloom, And a myriad of paper hearts decorate the room! A mood of excitement fills the air as kids can’t wait to pass out candy to share. Decorating paper hearts with sentiments that are loving and kind, To wish our friends a Happy Valentine!!!

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Strategies for Celebrating World Cultures in Your Classroom

Teachers from across the country have creative ways to integrate world cultures into the classroom. We asked teachers to contribute their ideas by answering this prompt: “I incorporate world cultures in my classroom by…:”

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Empowering Young Media Consumers & Creators

The world is saturated with information--all types of media, with millions of varying messages. Not only are your students consuming the media, but with new technology, and inexpensive tools, they are also creating content and using media in myriad ways to test their ideas, and tell their stories. With access to these tools, we have the opportunity to empower students so they can be both to be critical consumers of media, and authentic storytellers.

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Diversify Your Classroom Bookshelf with Multicultural Books

As a former teacher who has taught in the primary grades, the struggle of getting students to engage in reading is all too familiar. My previous students were not disengaged because of a shortage of books – my classroom library was overflowing with fiction and non-fiction books varying in reading level and topic. My previous students were disengaged because the books available did not relate to their lives. 

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What Makes a Shadow? Engaging Activities with Nature Cat

January, February, March—will winter ever end? When you look outside, the earth is either buried under snow and ice or largely colorless, odorless, and dormant or dead. Everything seems to be holding its breath! Even a walk through Daisy’s garden shows no change—just the same brown, bent over stalks and frozen ground. You know there is life hidden all around you (see All a ‘Hush’ in Daisy’s Garden), but you are looking for an inspired, teachable, tangible moment for today. So let’s get your students...

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22 Ways to Bring Earthrise Into Your Classroom

Fifty years ago this week, on December 24, 1968, humans saw our planet Earth “rise” over another celestial object for the very first time. Whether your students have never seen the Earthrise image, or you happen to have a poster of it on your classroom wall, consider bringing some of the themes from Earthrise into your instruction with the resources from PBS LearningMedia.

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Top 10 Resources for Your Classroom in the New Year

10 new resources that you can integrate within your classroom for the New Year! 

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New Year’s Resolutions from the Inaugural Class of PBS KIDS Early Learning Champions

New Year’s resolutions and inspiration from some of our PBS Kids Early Learning Champions!

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