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Your 2017 Back-to-School Toolkit

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August 14, 2017
We know your back-to-school calendar is packed with places to go and people to see! That’s why we created a simple, virtual toolbox with free resources you can access on-the-go. Teaching tools, discount codes, blogs, and an interactive calendar, all in one spot. We hope these materials will help you step confidently into the new school year and equip you for the teaching adventures that lie ahead.

Year-at-a-Glance Calendar
Stay ahead of exciting teachable moments and upcoming PBS shows with this handy, 12-month digital calendar! Preview + download.

Lesson Plans, Games, Videos + More
Looking for content to amplify your lessons? We’ve got you covered. Explore over 100K resources from PBS LearningMedia! Select your subject: Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Explore All Subjects.

New Teacher Tool: The Class Roster
PBS LearningMedia just added a "Class Roster" tool that enables you to create a class list and follow your students’ progress. Check it out!

Back-to-School Checklist from PBS KIDS
Help young learners prepare for the first week of school with this checklist and worksheet from PBS KIDS! The PDF is print-friendly so you can pass it along to parents, caregivers, and grandparents in your community.
5 Best Tips for First Year Teachers
We asked hundreds of veteran teachers for their top tips and best advice to help first year teachers step boldly into the new year. See what they had to say.

Connecting Classrooms Using Virtual Team Teaching
Rachel and Steven are elementary school teachers with a knack for collaboration! Find out how they're helping students grow into confident virtual collaborators by bridging two geographically divided schools. Read more.
Bringing Breakfast to the Classroom
This elementary school teacher believes in the power of a good breakfast. Find out how her students responded to the introduction of a school breakfast program and pick up tips for starting one at your school.
The Teachers' Lounge from PBS NewsHour
Fake news, self-reliance, tolerance, geography...this blog covers it all. Get your daily dose of inspiration from these articles authored by social studies, journalism, and ELA teachers. Read more.
Need some inspiration? KQED’s blog, “MindShift” It’s packed with stories, ideas, and strategies from thought leaders in the field of education. See it here.
Education Matters
This blog, curated by Georgia Public Broadcasting and authored by a range of insightful teachers, covers topics in elementary ed., STEM, and digital learning. Check out this fascinating post on teaching resilience in the classroom! 

Check back over the next week for new blogs!

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