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For the Love of Lit: Virtual Professional Learning Series

Teachers! Join us as we bring the Great American Read to your classroom. This four-part virtual professional learning series is designed for English Language Arts teachers, created FOR educators BY educators. With an emphasis on fun, engaging, accessible, and free tools for classrooms, this series will highlight techniques for engaging learners through essential communication skills, and present ideas for enhancing teaching practice through activities, projects, passion, and a connection to literature. PBS...

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What the Dot Test Can Teach Us to De-Stress Our Students

Students are stressed out. Here’s a quick look at some tips and tricks to alleviate some of that unnecessary pressure.

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Self-Care for the School Year

When you need time, you have permission to keep it.  This is NOT permission to ‘take’ time; the time is yours to begin with. You GIVE it away all day, every day. You have permission to KEEP your own time.

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How ‘Just One Change’ in the Classroom can Lead to Greater Student Curiosity

Learn a strategy that can teach this fundamental skill and facilitate more student curiosity, wonderment, and equitable learning this school year.

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What Do Educators Want? Educational Technology Support! Why Do They Want It? To Meet Students’ Needs!

What comes to mind when you hear the words ‘educational technology’?  For me, it’s interactive white boards, tablets and laptops.  Each one is a technology tool – but educational technology is far more than that. 

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Joining Skillful Teaching with Educational Media that Children Love

Watch as Ms. Poulin and her children play the online game, Wild Kratt’s Aviva’s Powersuit Maker, as part of their study of animal adaptations. Your browser does not support the video tag. As you observed the children, what did you notice? I was tickled by their glee as Ms. Poulin announced they would play the game, and I noticed that children’s joy was sustained throughout game play--children were smiling and eager to share their thinking and reasoning about which animal adaptations (e.g., cheetah or skunk head) they...

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PBS Digital Innovators Take Students Across Miles and Time Zones: The Egg Drop Challenge

The Egg Drop Challenge is an opportunity for students to stretch their engineering minds by creating a structure that will protect a raw egg from a specifically measured fall. Throughout the process, three classrooms came together and teleconferenced through Zoom to share ideas, revelations, and to take advantage of real-time collaboration. For teachers and students, what truly stood out was the incredibly different experience of the various parties.

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Why Amy Woods is our Teacher Superhero in our Local Community

Read more about Amy Woods, The Smashing Storyteller, through the eyes of her student, Zulee Escobar. Her super powers include capturing truth on camera and elevating student voices  

Current & Trending Voices in Education

Rich Lehrer is a “Teacher Superhero” with a 3D Cape

Read more about Rich Lehrer, The D-Zign D-Coder, through the eyes of Bethany Blake and the Harborlight Community Partners. His super powers include helping those in need and seeing solutions where no one else has. 

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