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PBS Digital Innovators Take Students Across Miles and Time Zones: The Egg Drop Challenge

The Egg Drop Challenge is an opportunity for students to stretch their engineering minds by creating a structure that will protect a raw egg from a specifically measured fall. Throughout the process, three classrooms came together and teleconferenced through Zoom to share ideas, revelations, and to take advantage of real-time collaboration. For teachers and students, what truly stood out was the incredibly different experience of the various parties.

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Why Amy Woods is our Teacher Superhero in our Local Community

Read more about Amy Woods, The Smashing Storyteller, through the eyes of her student, Zulee Escobar. Her super powers include capturing truth on camera and elevating student voices  

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Rich Lehrer is a “Teacher Superhero” with a 3D Cape

Read more about Rich Lehrer, The D-Zign D-Coder, through the eyes of Bethany Blake and the Harborlight Community Partners. His super powers include helping those in need and seeing solutions where no one else has. 

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4th Grade Teacher at Apalachee Elementary School who Goes Above and Beyond for her Students

Read more about Roshanna Beard, The Tech Equalizer, through the eyes of Hannah Power. She has the super powers to put technology in the hands of everyone. 

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A Teacher Who Inspires, Educates and Excels

Read more about Judy Whitesell, The Upcycler, through the eyes of Catherine Oxner, a parent of Judy's student. Her super powers include weaving comfy sleeping spots for the homeless, creating vegetables from lunch waste, and keeping schoolyards trash free.  

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Reading Can Expand What Kids Think About Mathematics

There are so many interesting mathematical texts out there that teachers can use to draw in students. I’ve found all you have to do is “sell it” well. With that in mind, I’ll try to sell a handful of texts that  I’ve used with students or am hankering to try out. If you read anything about math and enjoy it,  take a moment to think if there’s a student or three (or even a whole class) who might enjoy reading and chatting about it. If so, bring iced tea and donuts to your book club, and forge a new type of relationship...

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Professional Development: Light in the Dark and a Path to Creativity

The initials PD (Professional Development) can make almost any educator cringe and consider taking a personal day off.  Many poor experiences with PD stem from the philosophy of one size fits all for the staff. I would encourage anyone to take full control of their professional learning and growth. Do it not for the recertification, do it for the love of learning, the fun of camaraderie and the peace it brings to the soul.

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More Than A Month: For My 4th Grade Teacher, Mrs. James

What points/contributions does a Black educator make to speak to how Black history has been taught, is taught, and should be taught in America? This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write, because since so little is said, there is so much to say. 

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PD by Any Other Name is Still as Sweet

Good schools everywhere devote a lot of time and money to provide teachers with Professional Development (PD) opportunities throughout the year. Of course, everyone knows that not all PD is created equal!

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