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Inspire Children to Think and Act Like Scientists

Thinking and acting like scientists not only supports deep understanding of important “real-world” phenomena, it also helps children develop a self-concept as a capable learner. They start to take on the identity of a scientist; and they may even seek out other opportunities to think and talk like scientists!

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Adding a 21st Century Spin to Reading I A Step by Step Guide to Creating a Classroom READbox

If you were to walk past Room 113 at Patton Elementary in Austin, Texas, you’d see a “READbox,” inviting you to check out a student recommended book.  Everyone’s seen the traditional book report, but this project uses a green screen and augmented reality to showcase first grade book reviews in an engaging and innovative way. After learning about augmented reality, I realized that I could use the same idea of highlighting book reviews through a technology-focused public display, a READbox.

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The Teacher Superhero that is a Constant Light to her Students

Read more about Glenda Lozada, The Astonishing Assembler, through the eyes of her fourth grade students. Her super powers include being a constant light, keeping her students engaged, learning, and encouraged throughout the most difficult of circumstances.

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Why Amy Woods is our Teacher Superhero in our Local Community

Read more about Amy Woods, The Smashing Storyteller, through the eyes of her student, Zulee Escobar. Her super powers include capturing truth on camera and elevating student voices  

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Rich Lehrer is a “Teacher Superhero” with a 3D Cape

Read more about Rich Lehrer, The D-Zign D-Coder, through the eyes of Bethany Blake and the Harborlight Community Partners. His super powers include helping those in need and seeing solutions where no one else has. 

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4th Grade Teacher at Apalachee Elementary School who Goes Above and Beyond for her Students

Read more about Roshanna Beard, The Tech Equalizer, through the eyes of Hannah Power. She has the super powers to put technology in the hands of everyone. 

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A Teacher Who Inspires, Educates and Excels

Read more about Judy Whitesell, The Upcycler, through the eyes of Catherine Oxner, a parent of Judy's student. Her super powers include weaving comfy sleeping spots for the homeless, creating vegetables from lunch waste, and keeping schoolyards trash free.  

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May the 4th Be With You: Real-World Connections in the Classroom and Beyond

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars was created and a cultural phenomenon began. If you’re struggling with ways to bring this epic saga down to Earth, have no fear!  PBSLearningMedia has material for students of all ages and levels to connect with and enjoy. 

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Teaching Environmental Activism Using PBS LearningMedia’s Celebrate Earth Day Resources

An estimated 20 million Americans participated in that first ever Earth Day back in 1970. PBS LearningMedia (California) has created a Celebrate Earth Day website to provide teachers and students with a forum to learn more about the history of Earth Day, the history of the environmental justice movement since then, the racial implications of pollution and waste disposal, and the role of new technologies in conservation efforts. After spending a full period exploring the website, I am certain that students everywhere will find the...

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