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Sweater Up: How the Lessons of Fred Rogers are Inspiring my Teaching this Year

My theme for this year is "sweater up." I’m hoping that this will help me when I’m feeling frustrated with a challenging student or to show my students the power of failure. The school is my neighborhood, and no matter how much ugliness there is in the world around it, I'm going to make sure my neighborhood is filled with kindness.

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Joining Skillful Teaching with Educational Media that Children Love

Watch as Ms. Poulin and her children play the online game, Wild Kratt’s Aviva’s Powersuit Maker, as part of their study of animal adaptations. Your browser does not support the video tag. As you observed the children, what did you notice? I was tickled by their glee as Ms. Poulin announced they would play the game, and I noticed that children’s joy was sustained throughout game play--children were smiling and eager to share their thinking and reasoning about which animal adaptations (e.g., cheetah or skunk head) they...

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Bringing Mister Rogers Lessons of Acceptance into the Classroom

When I was six years old, I wanted to actually live in Mister Rogers’ neighborhood. During the opening of each show, I would stand in front of the TV and scan the neighborhood looking for a ‘For Sale’ sign. Now, 40 years later, I am a teacher. My goal as an early childhood educator is to instill in my students the same excitement for learning and social, emotional learning that Mister R gave me.

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Empowering Learning Through Science Exploration

99% of parents want to be involved in their children’s education... How can teachers help? 

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5 Things Teachers Want in Professional Development

It's that time again to get re-certified, or you just want to brush up on some new skills and you're not sure what's what anymore with professional development. Take these five tips into consideration when you're on the professional development course hunt! 

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Exploring History Through Real Time Interaction

While many of us grew up in the era of lectures, textbooks, worksheets and map work dominating our high school history instruction, filmmakers such as Ken Burns and his co-producer, Lynn Novick, were bringing history to life for viewers and enriching  today’s classroom teaching and learning as a result of their efforts.

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More Than A Month: A Black History Film and Conversation Series

Together with ITVS, PBS Education is hosting a 3-part series of film screenings followed by panel discussions for classrooms around Black History Month. Viewers will be able to ask questions to producers and directors live through the OVEE platform, interacting in real time.

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Ruff Ruffman Helps Kids Discover Science in Their Everyday Life

Our day-to-day lives depend on a variety of materials to help us -- from waterproof raincoats to the plastic bag we carry our groceries in -- and the relevance and ubiquity of these materials makes them an easy and inspiring source for everyday science learning. That’s the motivation behind a new app from PBS KIDS called Photo Stuff with Ruff (available on Android and iOS mobile devices). Based on PBS KIDS’ new short-form animated digital series, The Ruff Ruffman Show, the Photo Stuff with Ruff app is designed to inspire...

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War Games: Gamifying the Vietnam War and teaching The Things They Carried, Part 2

One of the biggest successes of BreakoutEDU is how easy it is for students to self-differentiate. Finding their place in the game helps them buy in.

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