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Top 10 Resources for Your Classroom in the New Year

10 new resources that you can integrate within your classroom for the New Year! 

PBS in the Classroom

All a 'Hush' in Daisy's Garden...Hibernation with Nature Cat

Daisy’s garden in late fall and winter is a quiet place. Leafy plants stand brown and withered. An autumn frost has killed and blackened any fruit forgotten on the vine. Leaves from the nearby oak tree litter the bed and pile up between the furrows. There may even be early snow there. So why visit, you ask? What is there to see?

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Learning with Littles: Demonstrating Empathy & Perseverance

Demonstrating Empathy & Perseverance January 8th @7PM ET It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Please come along with us, Daniel Tiger and his friends as we explore creative ways to weave social and emotional learning into your classroom. This virtual professional learning adventure is designed and led by fellow educators, and is the third in our four part ‘Learning with Littles’ series for Pre K-2 educators. The hour-long session will highlight exciting resources and models that can immediately be...

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Spooktacular Lessons with the Wild Kratts

You may find yourself struggling with finding that right combination of Halloween fun and academic rigor. Stress no more!  Once again, PBS Kids has come to the rescue with a fabulous new resource from none other than student favorite, the Kratt Brothers!!

PBS in the Classroom

Runaway Pumpkin..with Nature Cat!

Do you talk to your students about what they like to do with pumpkins at Halloween? They may think of roasting the seeds for a snack, decorating a pumpkin with paint, or helping to carve a pumpkin into a Jack-o-Lantern. (As an educator looking to fuel your day, your mind may wander to a pumpkin-spiced latte.) Tasty eating and good fun!

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Appily Goin’ Along - With Nature Cat

With Nature Cat, we frequently return to Daisy’s garden to explore life, earth and environmental sciences in ways that are easily digestible for young audiences (pun intended!). For this reason, we are excited to share with you a series of garden-centered blog posts to support your various curriculums. But I can’t even keep a snake plant alive! you might object. A garden can seem an intimidating prospect to some but, if that is you, shed your fears! With all gardeners, failures, not just successes, are moments rich with...

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Spooky Activities for Classroom Fun

Halloween is a time to celebrate superstition and changing seasons, and this collection of Halloween themed activities aims to do just that. Create spooky fun with your class with these masks, and Halloween activities.

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Inspire Writers and Engage Readers with The Great American Read

How can we help our students notice and think about the elements that make up great literature while also loving the text? How do we inspire deep thinking of literary analysis without interfering with a love of reading? After struggling with this issue for years in the classroom, I stumbled across an answer that caught me and my students by surprise.

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Sweater Up: How the Lessons of Fred Rogers are Inspiring my Teaching this Year

My theme for this year is "sweater up." I’m hoping that this will help me when I’m feeling frustrated with a challenging student or to show my students the power of failure. The school is my neighborhood, and no matter how much ugliness there is in the world around it, I'm going to make sure my neighborhood is filled with kindness.

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