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Top 5 Distance Learning Questions Answered

As I watched the Distance Learning with PBS LearningMedia webinar, I was so excited to see all of the questions asked by our PBS Teachers from around the country. Still, what was foremost in my mind was the silent teacher, the one I often was, listening attentively and trying to learn something new, trying to earn my skinned knee. Riding a bike took time, but distance learning became an overnight reality, a life-altering event. So let’s look at this reality as a unique type of differentiated instruction.

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Strategies to Build Engaging Digital Lessons for High School Students

When I wrote this, it was nearly the end of March. For the last two weeks, I, like most of you, have been at home consuming news and feeling a daily mix of trepidation and astonishment. As a teacher, I have been physically (and mostly digitally) apart from my students, wondering how they are and wishing I could help them. As a history and government teacher, I’m also ruminating on the fact that 30 years from now, my grandchildren will want to interview me as a primary source for a future Social Studies project on the Great Pandemic...

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Sugerencias de Aprendizaje en Casa de una Madre Educadora

¡Aprender es explorar! Ahora que la casa se a convertido en un salón de clase y que usted tiene que facilitar el aprendizaje, no tiene porque preocuparse o estresarse pensando, ¿Estoy haciéndolo bien? ¿Hice suficiente de esto? ¿Es así como lo haría la maestra o el maestro? ¡Durante este tiempo de aprendizaje en casa, puede estar seguro que usted sí se puede! ¡Aproveche el hecho que el conocimiento está alrededor de todos nosotros y que su hijo o hija solo desean que les acompañes en esta aventura! Así que no se...

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5 Virtual Ways to Build a Classroom Community

We’ve laughed, cried, danced, sang, played, painted, hopped, skipped, jumped and oh, so much more. And when someone lost a tooth, we all searched around the classroom looking in every crayon, toy and block bin because we, as class, knew how special that was to a five year old. So what do you do? Do you send off your students with a two week packet and hope for the best? Or when your families or administrators ask that you provide continuity of learning to your kids virtually, you step up to the plate.  

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At-Home Learning Tips From an Educator Mom

As a full-time educator mom, let me say you are not alone. We are all trekking through new territory, trying to balance this new normal of working, educating, and parenting… all simultaneously. From a seasoned educator, who is also “teacher mom,” there are 3 things that are sure to make your learning time go FAR.

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Teaching with Molly of Denali

In this three part virtual professional learning series for educators and caregivers, we’ll uncover easy and fun ways to use Molly to teach complex concepts like informational text and cultural responsiveness. So join us and Molly on an adventure, and discover the top reasons to teach with Molly.

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Distance Learning with PBS LearningMedia

Teachers, as you plan for a variety of scenarios in response to the Coronavirus health crisis--and other possible threats--we wanted to share some of the ways our PBS Digital Innovator All Star educators support engaging, effective distance learning.

Virtual Professional Learning

American Portrait: Who Are We?

PBS American Portrait is a national story-telling project that invites people across the country to use photos, videos and words to tell their own stories and illustrate who we are as a people. In this four part virtual professional learning series, teachers will be invited to think about how they might use the American Portrait in their classrooms and encourage their students to think more concretely about who we are as individuals, and who we are as a people.

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Staying Calm During Crisis: 5 Tips for Self Care

Thanks to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), teachers all over the world are having to be creative, teach remotely and produce digital learning lessons. Some of us are having to create digital lessons for a month or more. Here are 5 ways we can find our calm to get us through digital school and the virus scare.

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