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Why “There Is No Better Superhero – Fictional or Not” Than John Lewis

I pattern many of my decisions on Lewis’ life and message – that of getting into trouble, good trouble. Necessary trouble. His message for students is, we need to get involved and not idly watch bad things happen.

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Opera for All: Why This Art Form Can — and Should — Be for Students

Opera need not be an art form stuck in the past. With student involvement, it can remain a living, breathing art form that grows, changes, and adapts to the world in which we all live.

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Play, Score, Learn! Incorporating Football into Fun with Integers

Super Bowl fun should not be limited to Super Bowl Sunday, or the comforts of our living rooms. The Super Bowl can serve as a way for us educators to further connect and engage with our students in the classroom. 

Virtual Professional Learning

Teaching the Civil War Through a New Lens

This professional learning series will explore an age-old topic, the American Civil War, through a new lens. Instead of the traditional view, this series will consider art, technology, and historical myths in an effort to make the crucial, lasting lessons from the era more relevant to today’s learners. 

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How We Can Bring Creativity and Imagination Back to the Classroom

Why is learning with imagination just as important as having knowledge? Why must both teachers and learners use imagination in learning? Let’s examine how imagination and knowledge support each other in the quest for authentic learning.

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Combating the Wintertime Blues

Accept the intellectual challenge and pace yourself. Plan every moment of the schedule to be well prepared for the challenges that lay ahead. If you find yourself out of time and cannot say on pace, have a weekly schedule posted and allow for flexibility. And most importantly, embrace and enjoy every moment. 

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Help Your Students Make History This Fall

Give your students the opportunity to consider someone in their lives they want to honor and remember. As family gathers over the holiday season, it’s a great time to record interviews and keep the memories alive. Thousands of schools and students from all 50 states have participated and preserved more than 100,000 stories using the free StoryCorps App.

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We Are All Digital Citizens

While where, what, how, and who we can access has evolved. At the core, it’s still human to human relationships co-existing in communities online and in real life. As citizens, we must ask why are we creating, connecting, communicating, and collaborating and how does it build our communities. Because it will dictate what digital tools future generations create.

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The Power of Listening

By having a conversation and listening to someone’s story, we get to know each other, practice empathy and gain a greater appreciation of our shared humanity regardless of race, creed, sexual identity, religion or age. Listening to one another strengthens our social and emotional muscles and helps us build powerful interpersonal connections.

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