PBS Digital Innovators 2017

Apply now for 2017

The Application


Important information before you begin your application:
This application requires you to upload a video link, complete an essay question, include a short bio and upload two photographs. Before beginning your application please be sure to learn more about the process here.

Part 1 - Video

As a PBS Digital Innovator you may be asked to deliver a webinar or presentation which explores a particular area of interest or a specific skill or technique which will help others enhance their practice. For this application, please create a short three minute video presentation which includes the following elements

  • Highlights your passion for a particular subject, curriculum topic, or strategy you teach in your classroom or want to share with other educators
  • Provides insight into the innovative strategies you use to engage students and/or colleagues, or demonstrates how you are an education changemaker
  • Shares ideas for how your strategies can be replicated by other educators
  • Incorporates PBS content or resources from PBS Learning Media

Sample video (created by 2016 PBS Digital Innovator Joe Welch):

Helpful tips

  • Only the first three minutes of the video will be reviewed for any submissions that go beyond the specified length
  • In order to share your video for judging, videos are required to be uploaded to YouTube and the URL must be provided in the PBS Digital Innovators online application
  • Tag your video as PUBLIC or UNLISTED when uploading it to YouTube. This will ensure that the panel of judges can access it. Videos marked “private” can not be accessed by our judges and will therefore not be reviewed
  • Videos are not accepted via email and/or as an attachment to the application form

Part 2 - Essay

We are looking for education changemakers. Tell us how you contribute to a culture of innovation in your classroom and/or school. Please think about the following as you answer the question:

  • How do you prepare students to be curious learners and 21st century problem solvers?
  • What are the sights and sounds visitors would see and hear when they come to your school?
  • How do you integrate digital content and technology into meaningful learning experiences?
  • What are the ways in which you collaborate and share ideas with other educators?