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By the People, America in the World

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By the People: America in the World, which examines the relevance of U.S. foreign policy to local communities.

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Archived in February 2005, the "By the People: Election 2004" Web site served as a gateway to all of PBS's election programming, on-air and online.

Site features included:

  • Election headlines from the NewsHour With Jim Lehrer, updated throughout the day, every day
  • Weekly features from NOW, FRONTLINE and other PBS programs
  • Detailed information on the candidates’ voting records, campaign contributions, issue positions, and more
  • Tips for dissecting a political ad, interpreting a poll, analyzing a campaign Web site, and more
  • Links to the best election Web sites from PBS and beyond.
  • An election calendar and glossary
  • PBS Kids' election Web site (kids can be president for a day and more!)
  • For educators: a library of K-12 election content, organized by grade level and subject

"By the People: Election 2004" programming includes:

The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer
Get in-depth news and analysis every weeknight.
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Join us Fridays for analysis and perspective on current events, issues and ideas.
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Flashpoints USA with Bryant Gumbel and Gwen Ifill
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Gwen Ifill and Bryant Gumbel host this quarterly public affairs series.

Tune in for public affairs documentaries that won't shy away from complex stories or controversial issues.
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This Frontline spin-off delivers first-person news stories from around the globe.
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The Journal Editorial Report
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A weekly news and discussion program with host Paul Gigot, editor of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL's editorial page.

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PBS's award winning showcase for independent nonfiction films, P.O.V. features real-life reality programming and the opportunity for viewers to talk back about the issues that matter to them on their interactive Web site.
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Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly
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Explore the top moral questions facing the country with host Bob Abernathy.

Tavis Smiley
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This nightly program features interviews with newsmakers, politicians, celebrities and real people.

Tucker Carlson: Unfiltered
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Join Tucker Carlson for provocative voices on political, social, and cultural topics and trends.

Wall Street Week with Fortune
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Get financial news and analysis with hosts Geoff Colvin and Karen Gibbs.
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Washington Week
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Consider the week's news with host Gwen Ifill and a roundtable of journalists.
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Wide Angle
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Mishal Husain and Jamie Rubin host this series of in-depth international news documentaries.

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