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PBS: By the People, Election 2004

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Keep track of key election dates, from primaries and caucuses to conventions, debates and more!

January 2004


[Register to vote for March primaries]

Primary/CaucusJan. 13

District of Columbia Presidential primary - non binding

Primary/CaucusJan. 19

Iowa caucuses

Non-Election EventJan. 20

President Bush delivers the State of the Union
Congress convenes

[This is a good time to track an incumbent candidate's voting records. NOW with Bill Moyers has a good primer to help you do this.]

Non-Election EventJan. 22

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland
[NOW with Bill Moyers has a special globalization report than can help you better understand the issues being discussed in Davos.]

DebateJan. 21-25

Democrat Presidential debate in Manchester, N.H., sponsored by WMUR-TV.
[Analyze the debate yourself.]

Primary/CaucusJan. 27

New Hampshire Presidential primary
[So why is the New Hampshire primary always first? Discover the answer to this and more at the Primary Overview from the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer.]

DebateJan. 29

Democrat Presidential Candidates Debate in Greenville and Columbia, SC on MSNBC/NBC
[Did this debate change the political fortunes of any of the candidates? See what the FRONTLINE presidential market has to say.]

Finance DeadlineJan. 31

Final 2003 Fourth Quarter Campaign Finance Reports Due to FEC.
[Who is filling the coffers of the candidates and what is their agenda? Do some digging at OpenSecrets.org.]

February 2004


[Register to vote for April primaries]

Primary/CaucusFeb. 3

Arizona Presidential primary
Delaware Presidential primary
Missouri Presidential primary
New Mexico Democrat caucuses
North Dakota caucuses
Oklahoma Presidential primary
South Carolina Democrat Presidential primary
Virginia Republican caucuses
[See why this first "Super Tuesday" is so important]

Primary/CaucusFeb. 6-9

Democrats Abroad country caucuses.

Primary/CaucusFeb. 7

Michigan Democrat caucuses
Washington Democrat caucuses
Hawaii Republican Caucuses
[Read the NewsHour article about the difference between primaries and caucuses.]

Primary/CaucusFeb. 8

Maine Democrat caucuses

Primary/CaucusFeb. 10

District of Columbia Republican caucus
Tennessee Presidential primary
Virginia Democrat Presidential primary
[How have the last several primaries affected the fortunes of the candidates? See what the FRONTLINE presidential market has to say.]

Feb. 14

District of Columbia Democrat caucus
Nevada Democrat caucuses
[Feeling the Presidential love? Find out about Candidate Kucinich's unexpected sex appeal.]

Non-Election EventFeb. 16

Presidents Day
[Find out about Washington and Lincoln whose birthdays are both celebrated today.]

Primary/CaucusFeb. 17

Wisconsin Presidential primary
[Feeling tired of the election already? See NOW with Bill Moyers' special report Who's Laughing Now? American Political Satire for a roundup of some of the funniest election coverage around.]

Primary/CaucusFeb. 24

Hawaii Democrat caucuses.
Idaho Democrat caucuses.
Michigan Republican Presidential primary.
Utah Democrat Presidential primary.

[It takes 2161 delegates to secure the democratic nomination. Go to CNN.com to find out more about the different kinds of delegates and what they mean.]

DebateFeb. 26

Democrat Presidential Candidates Debate Sponsor: CNN, Los Angeles Times in Los Angeles
[Analyze the debate yourself. Find out about the role of parties in Presidential elections.]

Primary/CaucusFeb. 29

Puerto Rico Republican Primary

March 2004


[Register to vote for May primaries]

Primary/CaucusMar. 2

California Presidential primary
Connecticut Presidential primary
Georgia Presidential primary
Maryland Presidential primary
Massachusetts Presidential primary
Minnesota caucuses
New York Presidential primary
Ohio Presidential primary
Rhode Island Presidential primary
Vermont Presidential primary
Washington Presidential primary

[Pay attention! Nearly half the delegates needed for the nomination will be awarded on this second "Super Tuesday". Keep track of the delegate count for each candidate at CNN.com]

Primary/CaucusMar. 8

American Samoa caucus

Primary/CaucusMar. 9

Florida Presidential primary
Louisiana Presidential primary
Mississippi Presidential primary
Texas Presidential primary
Washington Republican Caucuses

[March 9 is the original "Super Tuesday" and remains a chance for moderate and conservative Democrats to gather a large number of delegates (545 delegates, all from Southern states, are at stake).]

Primary/CaucusMar. 13

Kansas Democrat caucuses

Primary/CaucusMar. 16

Illinois Presidential primary

Primary/CaucusMar. 19

Maine Republican caucuses

Primary/CaucusMar. 20

Alaska Democrat caucuses
Guam Presidential primary
Wyoming Democrat caucuses
[How happy are you with the campaign coverage? What impact does media consolidation have on the information stream to voters? Read the NOW with Bill Moyers special report and the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer's special report on the phenomenon.]

Finance DeadlineMar. 31

End of quarter, Candidates begin filing FEC reports. [Find out about donation limits and campaign finance law.]

April 2004


[Register to vote for June primaries]
[So how are the candidates faring so far? See what the FRONTLINE presidential market has to say.]

Primary/CaucusApr. 13

Colorado caucuses

Finance DeadlineApr. 15

Deadline to file 1st quarter FEC reports
[Who is filling the coffers of the candidates and what is their agenda? Do some digging at OpenSecrets.org.]

Primary/CaucusApr. 17

Virgin Islands Presidential primary

DebateApr. 22

Earth Day
[Where do you stand on the environment? Where do the candidates? Check out the NewsHour's issue quiz to see how they stack up.]

Primary/CaucusApr. 27

Pennsylvania Presidential primary

May 2004


[Have you registered yet? The general election is coming up. ]

Primary/CaucusMay 4

Indiana Presidential primary
North Carolina Presidential primary

DebateMay 10-11

World Business Forum 2004 in New York, NY [Find out more about the impact of globalization]

Primary/CaucusMay 11

Nebraska Presidential primary
West Virginia Presidential primary
[Find out more about the actual job of President. What are the President's responsibilities?]

Primary/CaucusMay 15

Wyoming Democrat Caucus

Primary/CaucusMay 18

Arkansas Presidential primary
Kentucky Presidential primary
Oregon Democrat Presidential primary
[Beginning to root for a particular candidate for President? Try volunteering on their campaign]

Primary/CaucusMay 25

Idaho Republican Presidential primary
How are the candidates faring? See what the FRONTLINE presidential market has to say.

Primary/CaucusMay 27-31

Libertarian Party Presidential nominating convention in Atlanta, Ga.
[Want to see the full list of third party candidates along with the major party candidates? Politics1 has all the information you could want.]

June 2004


[Not registered for the General election yet? Its getting closer.]

Primary/CaucusJune 1

Alabama Presidential primary
New Mexico Republican Presidential primary
South Dakota Presidential primary

Primary/CaucusJune 6

Puerto Rico Presidential primary

Primary/CaucusJune 8

Montana Presidential primary
New Jersey Presidential primary

DebateJune 8-10

G-8 Summit at Sea Island, Georgia
[The Council on Foreign Relations has takes an in-depth look at the foreign policy statements of each of the Presidential candidates]

Primary/CaucusJune 22-27

Constitution Party Presidential nominating convention in Valley Forge, Penn.
How do you feel about third parties? Add your thread to the POV tapestry (coming in April)

Primary/CaucusJune 23-28

Green Party National Convention, Milwaukee, WI.
[Want to know more about third parties? The 1912 Presidential election featured one of the strongest showing by a third party and, like today, it was during a time of great debate in the country about the role of government. Why don't you try running your own third party campaign and see how you fare?]

Finance DeadlineJune 30

End of second quarter. Candidates begin filing FEC reports.

July 2004


[Have you registered yet? The general election is coming up.]

Non-Election EventJuly 4

Independence Day
[Read the full text of the Declaration of Independence and other Charters of Freedom.]

Non-Election EventJuly 11-16

XV International AIDS Conference in Bangkok, Thailand

Finance DeadlineJuly 15

Deadline to file second quarter FEC reports.
[Who is filling the coffers of the candidates and what is their agenda? Do some digging at OpenSecrets.org]

Primary/CaucusJuly 26-29

Democrat National Convention in Boston, Mass.
[The Election of 1936 dealt with issues much like the ones the candidates are debating today - the role of big government, Social Security vs. privatized pensions and the role of US in the world. See how they compare.]

August 2004


[Don't forget to register. The general election is nearly here.]

Primary/CaucusAug. 30 - Sept. 2

Republican National Convention in New York City
[The Election of 1960 dealt with many of the issues that the candidates are addressing today -- the US role in world, how to stimulate economy and defense spending. Take a poll and see for whom you would have voted.]

September 2004


[It's your last chance to register for the General Election.]

DebateSept. 2-3

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Finance Ministers Meeting in Santiago, Chile

Primary/CaucusSept. 20-24

International Atomic Energy Agency General Conference in Vienna, Austria
[Can we control nuclear weapons? Check out the Avoiding Armageddon website for a chilling review of the state of the nuclear world.]

DebateSept. 30

Proposed Presidential Debate at the Univ. of Miami, Miami
Find out more about how the Commission on Presidential Debates certifies someone as a valid participant in this debate.
[Analyze the debate yourself ]
End of third quarter. Candidates begin filing third quarter FEC reports

October 2004

DebateOct. 5

Proposed Vice Presidential Debate at Case Western Univ., Cleveland, OH
[Read an in-depth interview with Vice-President Dick Cheney that the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer conducted in 2001.]
[Analyze the debate yourself]

DebateOct. 8

Proposed Presidential Debate at Washington Univ., St. Louis, MO
[Before watching the Debates, find out more about the candidates. Analyze the debate yourself using the techniques in our article on being a Savvy Voter.]

DebateOct. 13

Proposed Presidential Debate at Arizona State Univ., Tempe, AZ
[Is the character of the President the major issue that will influence your vote? See the NewsHour's web site: Character Above All and explore how character shaped the Presidencies of those who previously held the office.]
[Analyze the debate yourself.]

Finance DeadlineOct. 15

Deadline to file third-quarter FEC reports.
[Who is filling the coffers of the candidates and what is their agenda? Do some digging at OpenSecrets.org.]

November 2004

DebateNov. 1

Natural Law Party Presidential nominating convention in Columbus, Ohio

Primary/CaucusNov. 2

[Learn about the extension of voting rights in the US from its inception until now.]

Non-Election EventNov. 11

Veterans Day.

December 2004

Finance DeadlineDec. 31

Year end. Candidates begin filing end of year FEC reports.

January 2005

Primary/CaucusJan. 3

109th Congress, Start of First Session, Washington, DC

Primary/CaucusJan. 20

Presidential Inauguration, Washington DC [Read the Inauguration speeches of all past presidents.]

Finance DeadlineJan. 31

Deadline to file Year-End FEC report
[Who filled the coffers of the candidates and what is their agenda? Do some digging at OpenSecrets.org.]

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