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Getting young people involved in the voting process has long been a challenge in America. Eighteen to twenty year-olds have the lowest voter turnout of any group of citizens. Young people who do vote, however, often do so because they learned about the importance of elections when they were kids and they grew to believe it was an honor and a privilege.

ZOOMout the Vote Kids & Parents

ZOOMout the Vote
Kids may not be able to vote in the general election, but these election resources are sure to get them involved. And kids can speak out in The Kidsí Vote — their very own presidential election — on November 2nd!

American Experience: Wayback Presidents: The Secret History

American Experience: Wayback
Presidents: The Secret History

Hit the campaign trail to check out historic and unusual campaign memorabilia from American presidential campaigns, and explore a dossier of little-known "presidential secrets."

PBS Kids Democracy Project

PBS Kids Democracy Project
Try your hand at being President for a day, learn how government affects you, go inside a voting booth and more.

Teachers Teachers

More than 30 lesson plans
Bring elections into your elementary and secondary classrooms, on topics ranging from the electoral college to campaign finance, political humor and more.

PBS Teacher Source

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