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Web Roundup

We slaved over a hot stove all day to bring you this roundup of the best election Web sites out there, from PBS and beyond. Ok, there was no hot stove, but we did work hard to pull together these links. So whether you want to compare a candidate's issue positions to your own, track campaign contributions or just finally understand exactly how the electoral college works - you're in the right place.

Democracy 101More Links for this Category

Link outside of PBS Web siteVote-Smart: Government 101
This primer is intended to help refresh your knowledge of American politics by providing useful information about Congress, political parties, campaign finance, and much more.

Link outside of PBS Web siteThe American President
A fascinating look at the day-to-day operational requirements of the most powerful position in the land.

Link inside PBS Web siteThe National Archives: Charters of Freedom
From the Constitution to the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, read the blueprints of our government.

Candidates and PartiesMore Links for this Category

Link outside PBS Web siteThe NewsHour with Jim Lehrer: Issues Quiz
This tool allows you to select your own positions on key issues and find the candidate whose views most closely reflect your own.

Link inside PBS Web siteFEC: How the Electoral College works
The Federal Election Commission explains all about how the Electoral College works and how it came to be.

Link outside PBS Web siteSlate.com: Whack-a-pol
Try this. Trust us. This is unquestionably the most fun way to judge which candidate holds positions that most closely match your own.

IssuesMore Links for this Category

Link outside PBS Web siteThe Public Agenda Foundation: Issue Guides
Get balanced overviews of key issues ranging from America's global role to campaign reform, social security and more.

Link outside PBS Web siteNPR
NPR looks deeply and intelligently into the issues facing voters this election.

Link outside PBS Web siteThe Council on Foreign Relations
The Council on Foreign Relations has created backgrounders on many of the foreign policy issues that the new President is likely to encounter.

Analysis and PerspectiveMore Links for this Category

Link inside PBS Web siteFRONTLINE
Every four years, FRONTLINE has some of the most celebrated and informative election programming around. This year they will once again feature their election year keystone, "The Choice 2004", which offers in-depth bios and analysis of the two candidates vying for the Presidency.

Link inside PBS Web siteNOW with Bill Moyers
Visit this newsweekly's election year special section for comprehensive reports on the issues and topics that matter.

Link outside PBS Web siteThe Opinion Journal of the Wall Street Journal
The editorial writers of the Wall Street Journal collectively write and edit this blog.

U.S. HistoryMore Links for this Category

Link inside PBS Web siteThe American Experience: The Presidents
This comprehensive Web site about all of the presidents (yes, all of them) provides in-depth information about each man's legacy and career, from the issues that drove their campaigns to key accomplishments to the challenges they faced in office.

Link outside PBS Web siteBartleby
This reference site contains a full collection of Presidential inaugural speeches, a database of memorable quotations and more.

Link outside PBS Web siteGreat Speeches
Explore PBS's archive of 35 of the most important speeches in American History.