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"The death of democracy is not likely to be an assassination from ambush. It will be a slow extinction from apathy, indifference and undernourishment."
Robert Hutchins

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It's easy to follow campaign news; it's harder to figure out what it all means. Go beyond horse-race coverage with PBS's news and public affairs programs; get insight into how people around the world view the American election; and hear from election experts and enthusiasts who celebrate the democracy of the Internet with self-published Web logs, or "blogs." And when you need a break, don't miss our links to the lighter side of election coverage.

Feature reporting
A View from Abroad

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Feature reportingMore Links for this Category

Link inside PBS Web siteNOW with Bill Moyers
PBS's award winning newsweekly is pulling together all of its election year coverage into one place. Visit their Election 2004 area for in-depth reports on the governing behind the election.

Link inside PBS Web siteWashington Week
Throughout the election year, Gwen Ifill will deconstruct what is going on in the campaign with a panel of noted journalists. You can find the full transcript of the program and various tools for citizenship on their Web

Link inside PBS Web siteWall $treet Week with FORTUNE
The economy is likely to be a significant issue during the Presidential contest. Stay up to date on the latest Wall Street happenings with Wall Street Week.

Link inside PBS Web siteFRONTLINE
Every four years, FRONTLINE has some of the most celebrated and informative election programming around. This year they will once again feature their election year keystone, "The Choice 2004," which offers in-depth bios and analysis of the two candidates vying for the Presidency.

Link inside PBS Web siteFRONTLINE/World
A U.S. election isn't just about what is happening in the U.S.. September 11th raised the importance of foreign news for many Americans and FRONTLINE/World tells viewers what they need to know, investigating important stories from abroad that all Americans should hear about.

Link inside PBS Web siteWide Angle
Globalization has brought home to Americans that national security and economic issues aren't just affected by what we do at home. Wide Angle brings home the best international documentaries, every week.

Link inside PBS Web siteTavis Smiley
Throughout the election season you can look to Tavis Smiley to bring you a mix of news, issues and entertainment including interviews with newsmakers, politicians, celebrities and real people. Tavis will keep you informed.

Link inside PBS Web siteFlashpoints U.S.A. with Bryant Gumbel and Gwen Ifill
Flashpoints U.S.A. takes a laser-like look deep into some of the most complicated issues facing citizens this election year. Viewers are treated to intelligent analysis and a dynamic pairing of two of the most respected names in journalism.

Link inside PBS Web siteP.O.V.
If politics is personal, then P.O.V. is as political as it gets. P.O.V. showcases independent documentaries and some of the most innovative programming and web reporting available. Throughout the year you will find stories of individuals that may just make you rethink what the country should do collectively.

Link inside PBS Web siteRhodesCook.com
Analysis of the ongoing election process from a former political writer for the Congressional Quaterly. Rhodes analyzes a host of otherwise missed stories including the "invisible primary" and the impact of "red" and "blue" America.

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BlogsMore Links for this Category

You say you don't even know what a blog is?
Read CampaignsOnline's January report that describes blogging and analyzes its increasing prominence in this year's election. You can also read accounts from both the New York Times and USA Today about the importance of blogging in this year's campaigns. Finally, Minnesota Public Radio ran a special called "Blogging for President" on January 25th. Explore the phenomenon yourself. We have assembled a list of some of the most often cited blogs - the ones that have won awards or are frequently referenced by others. Feel free to browse our list and suggest any additional blogs that you find compelling.

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Blogs by Experts
The blogs below, which are in no particular order, are all written by people who would traditionally be thought of as experts. They write for noted national publications or they hold advanced degrees from Universities in the subjects about which they write. Some are even formalized as a part of a larger Web publication.

Link outside PBS Web siteThe Daily Dish at andrewsullivan.com.
A blog written by the former editor of The New Republic.

Link outside PBS Web siteTom Paine's Common Sense.
The liberal online political journal shares political tidbits from around the web.

Link outside PBS Web siteThe Corner from the National Review
This blog comes from a number of writers for the conservative monthly.

Link outside PBS Web siteKausfiles at Slate.com
Billed as a "mostly political Weblog", this blog comes from Mickey Kaus, noted writer for Slate.com.

Link outside PBS Web siteThe Opinion Journal of the Wall Street Journal
The editorial writers of the Wall Street Journal collectively write and edit this blog.

Link outside PBS Web siteLessig Blog
The noted Stanford Law School professor, founder of the Stanford Center for Internet and Society and proponent of open-access to the web gathers his favorite web tidbits together.

Link outside PBS Web siteBrad DeLong
Written by a Professor of Economics at the University of California-Berkeley who also writes frequently for high-profile publications like the New York Times and Wired, this political blog does a nice job of discussing economic issues in layman's terms.

Link outside PBS Web siteInstaPundit
This is a blog written by a law professor at the University of Tennessee with a particular interest in the intersection between advanced technologies and individual liberties.

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Blog by Enthusiasts
These blogs are all written by people who would not conventionally be called experts. Instead, they are enthusiasts with wit, passion and a certain point of view that they wish to share. This could obviously, have been a very long list, but we narrowed it down to the ones that seemed to be cited most often by others as credible and interesting.

Link outside PBS Web siteCommand Post

Link outside PBS Web siteThe Wonkette

Link outside PBS Web siteThe Daily Kos

Link outside PBS Web siteVirginia Postrell

Link outside PBS Web siteScripting News

Link outside PBS Web siteTalking Points Memo

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A View from AbroadMore Links for this Category

Sometimes foreign coverage has a very different analysis of an election event. Below are some of the foreign press outlets that have significant coverage of American politics. As with all these links, your own suggestions are welcome

Link outside PBS Web siteBBC: Vote USA 2004
This BBC roundup includes profiles of potential new first ladies, analysis of the election, at-a-glance info, profiles, video and easy guides to how the American system works.

Link outside PBS Web siteThe Economist Magazine
The online companion site to the award-winning monthly magazine, The Economist.com features analysis of world business and current affairs with a strong focus on the U.S. and England. They don't have a dedicated election site, but they do provide extensive reporting.

Daily Papers in the U.K.
All feature some U.S. political news from their home pages. Their reporting can provide fresh insight on campaign stories.

Link outside PBS Web siteThe Daily Telegraph. London, England

Link outside PBS Web siteThe Guardian. London, England.

Link outside PBS Web siteThe Times of London

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HumorMore Links for this Category

Link outside PBS Web siteThe Onion
The award-winning satirical newspaper has put together an election glossary that is certainly unlike any other.

Link outside PBS Web siteThe Daily Show: Indecision 2004
The web companion to one of Comedy Central's most watched program, its satirical news broadcast with Jon Stewart.

Link outside PBS Web siteAbout.com: Political humor.
About.com offers a roundup of political humor from around the web.

Link outside PBS Web siteThis Modern World
Visit the website for cartoonist Tom Tomorrow

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