Today's must-reads: July 26

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After a contentious weekend and opening to the Democratic National Convention, Bernie Sanders gave a robust endorsement of his primary rival Hillary Clinton. Last night's speeches saw wide ranging reactions as First Lady Michelle Obama, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and Sanders all took to the podium (NPR has a roundup of speeches here). Columnist Ron Elving saved the highest praise for Obama's speech, which he said "mesmerized and subdued the raucous and rebellious crowd." Check out WTTW's photos of the DNC here.

On the non-convention front, Donald Trump and Mike Pence hit the campaign trail in Virginia, and Marketplace takes an in-depth look at the trade issues that seemingly cross partisan lines this year. Bonus question: What would replace the WTO if Trump got rid of it?

The one word Democrats hoped to avoid — ‘emails’ — is back Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff speak with Amy Walter, Mark Shields and David Brooks.