Weekly Roundup: Campaign Closure

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After a long and bruising campaign, election day is almost here.

Next Tuesday, voters across the country will decide on the next president of the United States, and the candidates are scrambling to secure support and polish their platforms.

PBS NewsHour put together a schedule to help you understand what to expect (and when to expect it) on Nov. 8.

PBS NewsHour What we know about voter turnout so far In the race to the White House, vote efforts are key, especially to reach minority voters. The week was marked by confusing poll results, both campaigns blitzing the battleground map, and huge crowds taking advantage of early voting.

It's not always easy to draw conclusions from ballots cast before election day, but PBS NewsHour explains that roughly a quarter of all expected votes may have been cast in recent weeks. NPR looks at the likelihood of a Democratic takeover of the Senate, while Marketplace investigates the effect that this election cycle has had on the media business.

Looking ahead to Tuesday, PBS NewsHour investigates some of the issues that could befall voters, including new voter ID laws and the complexity of write-in ballots. NPR reports on concerns over 'poll watchers' attempting to intimidate voters.

In some states there are also a number of ballot initiatives for voters to mull, while many business owners and employers are trying to make it easier for their employees to vote on the big day. NOVA looks into the possibility that quantum mechanics could rule out the specter of voter fraud once and for all.

MetroFocus Millennials Make Their Mark! David and Jack Cahn discuss their new book, "When Millennials Rule." But when the votes are being counted, the winner will be decided by the states that swing in his or her favor. Arizona Public Media reports on efforts by both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to woo last-minute voters. Marketplace looks into some of the factors that could sway Florida's results, as well as a looming transit crisis that could impact Pennsylvania's totals.

But it's not just geographic location that influences votes - demographics will likely play a huge part in the winning ticket's success. Center for Asian American Media looks into the voting habits of Asian American and Pacific Islander millennials, while NPR looks at the coming gender divide and the evangelical voting bloc.

PBS NewsHour Questions of character dominate final campaign scramble Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and their surrogates campaigned across the country. Trump's campaign spent the week seeking to capitalize on tightening polls as he probed the possibility that previously out-of-reach states might swing in his favor. But the campaign's week was also a mixed bag, as they found themselves with a dubious endorsement from a newspaper affiliated with the KKK (a publication which the campaign disavowed, calling it "repulsive"), while House Speaker Paul Ryan said he will vote for, but will not campaign with, the Republican nominee. Tech billionaire Peter Thiel also reaffirmed his support for the campaign, but drew negative attention when his alleged comments on apartheid prompted criticism.

With the election season having been so tumultuous, PBS NewsHour examined the possible effect on the Trump brand itself.

Clinton's campaign began the week scrambling to deal with the fallout of FBI Director James Comey's letter to Congress about the ongoing investigation of Clinton's use of a private email server.

Comey came under fire for his decision to provide scant, cryptic details into the meaning of the probe, while Clinton's campaign reassured voters they did not believe it would find anything of significance.

Chicago Tonight Obama Ramps Up Anti-Trump Rhetoric in Election’s Final Days The latest on the presidential campaign with "PBS NewsHour" correspondent John Yang. President Barack Obama spent considerable time campaigning for Clinton this week, defending her candidacy and chastising the FBI's timing.

The former secretary of state doubled down on her push to woo black millennial voters, while several Republican lawmakers suggested that, should she win, they would not be willing to allow her to appoint a ninth justice to the Supreme Court.

And with just a few days left until the winner is decided, public media offers further comparisons between the candidates on the most important issues.

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