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Martin Luther
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The life of a medieval monk such as that of young Martin Luther was not easy and required enormous physical and mental sacrifice. They prayed eight times a day, slept little, performed painful penances and worked to support their brethren.

Experience a day in their life, the early rising, the praying and labor.

Between praying seven times a day and working a medieval monk got little sleep.
Church Service Church Service
A monk's day started and ended with prayer, it was not unknown to pray for up to eight hours a day.
Penance Penance
Catholicism was all about confessing and atoning for sins which some took to the extreme.
Work Work
Monasteries were self-sufficient and monks engaged in all manner of work.
Meals Meals
Meals were silent and scarce, some monks ate only once a day.
Community Work Community Work
Monks worked closely with the community and relied on them for their financial support.

After experiencing a Day in the Life of a Monk why not try the Quiz.

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