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Palazzo Medici'Riccardi
Palazzo Medici'Riccardi

Begun in 1444 on the orders of Cosimo il Vecchio, this massive and imposing stone palace served as the headquarters of the Medici bank and the main residence for the extended family. Designed by the architect, Michelozzo, the façade is famous for its excessive rustication, enormous windows and doorways. The great stone bench running around the perimeter and the large overhanging cornice provided a place to sit, and shelter for the citizens queuing for an audience with the Medici. The interior courtyard is a model of neo-classical simplicity and was home to Donatello's “David”. The first story of the palace houses the windowless "Chapel of the Magi", adorned with Gozzoli's magnificent frescoes.
Palazzio Pitti
Ponte Vecchio
Palazzio Vecchio/Piazza Della Signora
Baptistry of St John
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