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You're cynical and manipulative; some would say a true political animal. Scruples? What are they? You'd sell your mother down the river if it would help you get ahead. What are you doing? You should be working in politics; the Prince of Darkness has nothing on you.


You're restless and creative. Your mind is works at a million miles an hour but once you focus there's no stopping you. You're a loner, your friends think you're quirky but brilliant. You're good at everything you turn your hand to but sometimes your temper lets you down. You personify the ultimate Renaissance Man, you are Michelangelo.

POPE LEO X - Mostly C's

Pope Leo X
Hey big spender! You love a good time and are usually at the center of the action. You always have to go one better than the rest. Your credit card bills are astronomical, and you live perilously close to the edge. You like nothing better than living like a high-roller - enough already - you could end up like your Renaissance equivalent Pope Leo X.


Lorenzo de'Medici
It must be tough to be you: good at sports, ladies desire you, guys want to be you, - you're smart as a whip with the Midas touch. You live a charmed life. Everyone around you benefits from your largesse, friends and family alike share in your good fortune. You never back away from a just fight and stand up for what's right every time. We want to hate you but can't, you're Lorenzo the Magnificent.

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