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  Below is a list of Web sites that relate to this program and others in the Medici series.

Leonardo de Vinci
Learn about Leonardo as a scientist, inventor, and artist in this site from the Boston Museum of Science.

Renaissance and Baroque Architecture
Get photos of buildings and structures created during the Renaissance and Baroque times.

Renaissance Musical Instruments
Get sounds, pictures, and descriptions of instruments used during the time periods.

Renaissance Women
Examine the lives of Isabella d'Este and Catherine de Medici.

Renaissance Personalities
Get information on famous artists, architects, scientists, scholars, and other notable men and women of the Renaissance.

Florence, Italy
Visit Florence and the Uffizi Gallery.

Virtual Renaissance Town
Explore the culture and lifestyle of the Renaissance by clicking around this online town. See what a school, shop, tavern, and restaurant were like at the time or step inside the VirRen Castle.

Discover the forces that brought about this rebirth in Europe. Site includes facts, links, and activities to help you understand changes in society, art, and science during the Renaissance

Leonardo de Vinci's Workshop
Explore Leonardo de Vinci's workshop. Site includes art history, activities, and games.

WebMuseum of Leonardo de Vinci

WebMuseum of Michelangelo

Virtual Tour through Renaissance Guilds
Experience applying for a guild apprentice card; meet masters who will teach you all that you will need to know to earn the status of journeyman (or woman) on the way to becoming a master in your own right.

Biblical Paintings of Michelangelo

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