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What People Are Saying About Medicis
Selected submissions:

"I have had the pleasure of viewing your website on the Medici, Godfathers of the Renaissance. The program was incredible and the website is absolutely amazing. You have done a superb job in crafing this site. Not only is the content educational and easy to access, but the layout and visual appeal is first rate." - Judy, Feb 13

"I just wanted to express my disappointment that a reputable network such as PBS would stoop to portraying historical figures as mobsters in order to increase its viewer ship. Such a tactic only appeals to ignorance and neglects the true, non-stereotypical elements of Italian culture and history." - Jenna, Feb 17

"Just wanted to express my appreciation for the fine presentation of the Medici Family that I viewed last week on PBS.... Commercial TV is so dreadful so it's really wonderful and surprising when you can actually turn on your TV and watch such a well-crafted intelligent program as the one you produced on the Medicis. I enjoy the website too. Easy to navigate, interesting material on a fascinating subject. Anyway, great job" - Jeff, Feb 16

"Your show was at first discovery a pleasant surprise. Then, the disappoint began to sink in like a wrong turn off the highway. Question: Why did you have to denigrate what most scholars believe to be the defining moment of western civilization with Mafia overtones and imagery?" - Dennis, Feb 19

"Thank you for a lovely and beautiful presentation. I was delighted by the program and hope to see it again at a better time so my children can watch it also. Thank you again for the outstanding work always presented by your organization." - Stachia, Feb 16

"Thank you so much for having this series made for TV and this website to go with it.... This has been a great way for me to take in the intricate family relations and their role in history of Italy and the world. Now I am inspired to learn even more." - Yvonne, Feb 18

"Loved the show...hated the tag...the Medicis were so much more than mere godfathers...a cheap tag and nod to attract interest...this is a fascinating and rich period of history full of intrique, beauty, and events that shaped the philosophy of centuries to sad to sink to a common denominator from such lofty heights! Keep the show...lose the godfather association" - unsigned, Feb 15

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