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in the footsteps of paul


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 Tarsus (Birth - 30CE)
 Jerusalem (30-34)
 Antioch (34-43)
 Spreading the Word (43-48)
 The Wider World (49-50)
 Corinth (50-52)
 Ephesus (52-56)
 Into the Fire (56-70)

Three times I have been shipwrecked -- and adrift on the deep night and day. I have been on the road constantly, facing dangers in the cities, dangers in the wilderness, and dangers at sea. I have endured beatings and hardship, and often lost sleep, I have endured hunger and thirst, I have been cold and exposed to the elements...
2 Corinthians 11.25-27

Table of Contents

First century synagogue
Peter and Paul
(from the film)

Exact dates for the events of the period are difficult to secure. Sources often conflict and there are few references to external evidence. For further information, refer to the Bibliography.

n the middle of the first century, in the city of Jerusalem, a new movement was taking shape within Judaism -- a movement based on the teachings of an executed Jew named Jesus. The new movement proclaimed this Jesus their Messiah. They spoke of his rising from the dead.

Their beliefs conflicted with some others in the Jewish city -- and they sometimes sought to drive the new movement out of the city, and out of existence. Among these persecutors was a young man named Saul or Paul of Tarsus. A devout Jew, unswerving in his views, Paul extended the persecutions to Jewish communities in neighboring cities. But Paul's life took an unexpected turn -- he himself had a vision of the risen Jesus, and turned from stamping out the new movement to spreading its teachings as fast and as far as possible.

From the hearths of simple peasants to the imperial palaces of Rome, Paul of Tarsus spread the word of his Messiah, covering thousands of miles by land and sea. The communities Paul founded would evolve into the Christian churches we know today. Through times of persecution, strife, and success, Paul would forever cling to his very personal understanding of the movement, an understanding that was soon embraced from the high plains of Turkey to the very walls of Rome.

Journey in Paul's footsteps around the greatest empire the world had ever known.

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