Multimedia Credits

For Atlantic Productions (whole project):
Teresa Cross - Project Directory and Multimedia Production Manager
Shaun Trevisick - Multimedia Writer and Researcher

Computer designs and animation: Graham Jack
Computer Programming: Guin Reddick
Stills Researcher: Lucy Hall
Production Accountant: Anna Harrington and Margaret Campbell
Graphic Design: Arthur Irving
Project Coordinators: Sarah Strupinski and Moyra Chesnut
Line Producer: Patricia Wrobel
Head of Production: Janina Stamps
Website Consultant: Cassian Harrison
Online Executive Producer: Anthony Geffen

For Deepend:
Tom Hostler: Project Director
Zelda Rhiando: Producer
David Streek: Design Director
Fred Flade: Lead Designer

Web Site
Richard Ho: Designer
Matthew Knight: Lead Programmer
James Fox: Illustration
Alec Hendry: Video Encoding

Sue Matthews: DVD Authoring
Luiza dos Santos Cruz: Moving Menu design
Alec Hendry: Video Encoding
Richard House: Audio

Richard Schatzeburger - Overlay design