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1837Queen Victoria comes to the throne.
1839First Opium War in China.
1840Marriage of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert; Penny post starts; Annexation of New Zealand.
1842Opening of the Great Western railway.
1840sRailway mania hits Britain.
1842Attempted assassination of Queen Victoria.
1845Potato famine hits Ireland.
1846Corn Laws are abolished.
1848Revolutions break out across Europe.
1850The first public libraries open.
1851Great exhibition opens in Crystal Palace.
1852Britain annexes Burma.
1854-1856The Crimean War.
1855Livingstone discovers and names the Victoria Falls on Africa's Zambezi River.
1856Victoria Cross is created to reward bravery in battle.
1857The Indian Mutiny happens; the Second Opium War in China occurs.
1858The London Omnibus company is founded.
1859Darwin's On the Origin of Species is published.
1860The navy launches its iron warships.
1861Prince Albert dies from typhoid; Civil War begins in America.
1867Diamonds are discovered in South Africa; The second Reform Act is passed.
1869The Suez Canal is opened in Egypt.
1871Henry Morton Stanley finds Livingstone in Africa.
1873Asante war occurs on the Gold Coast.
1876Christians are massacred in Turkish Bulgaria; Disraeli becomes Earl of Beaconsfield; First telephone call made by Alexander Graham Bell.
1877Queen Victoria made Empress of India; The first Wimbledon tennis championships are played.
1879The Zulu War occurs in Africa, with British army defeated and humiliated at Isandhlwana); Britain invades Afghanistan.
1880The first Boer War.
1881Boers defeat British in Boer War; Wales bans drinking on Sunday; Parnell is sent to prison in Ireland.
1884-1885Berlin Conference ends the scramble for Africa; Third Reform Act passed by Parliament.
1885The Fall of Khartoum; The motor car is invented; The Indian National Congress is started in Bombay to help Indians play a larger role in the government of their country, which is under British rule.
1886Gold is discovered in South Africa's Transvaal.
1888Match girls' strike; Jack the Ripper terrorizes London.
1890Cecil Rhodes becomes prime minister of Cape Colony.
1892Kier Hardie becomes first Labor Party MP.
1894Rudyard Kipling writes The Jungle Book.
1896The British invade Sudan; Kaiser sends a telegram to Rhodes regarding the Jameson Raid; Invention of X-ray photographs.
1897Queen Victoria's Jubliee.
1898The Boxer Rebellion happens in China.
1899The Boer War.
1900Sigmund Freud publishes the Interpretation of Dreams.
1901Queen Victoria dies.
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