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Shrimp illustration
  • Imported shrimp
  • Domestic Shrimp
  • Trap-caught shrimp

Fish Facts

  • 2/3 wild-caught, usually in trawl nets, 1/3 farm-raised
  • Tropical shrimp trawling has highest bycatch of any commercial fishery
  • Endangered sea turtles caught and killed in shrimp nets
  • U.S. shrimp trawlers outfit their nets with TEDs -devices that let sea turtles escape their nets
  • Most farmed shrimp comes from Asia, where clearing of coastal land has damaged habitats and displaced local fisheries
  • U.S. shrimp farmers are subject to laws limiting environmental impacts
Main Commercial Source: 90% sold in US imported from Latin America and Southeast Asia remaining 10% of shrimp from Southeast U.S.