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Read comments from the Show

During the live broadcast of “Endgame” on September 18, 2002, interactive participants were invited to send in their comments about the show.

Below are selected comments that represent a cross-section of what was received. Keep checking back for more comments, and add your own opinion by JOINING THE DEBATE :


Becca: I would not turn my friend in come to think of it. I would discuss the consequences and the whole situation and leave the burden of a right decision to my friend.

Bob_honest: I would not even have thought about helping out, especially after a couple of drinks!

Susan S: Also, I think that a lot of people are lying on this poll and saying what they know to be the "correct" answer.


George: I think nothing is wrong with what has happened. I think it was just an accident. But it is wrong to hide and to be afraid when you know you are right.

Elaine: They were unethical by thinking and plotting what they should do after they left. That was wrong.

TONI: The question is not what is gained by turning herself in. It is what will be lost is she does not.

suzanna: Julia has no right to make her friend be the one to decide whether to turn her in; best decision would be to name a new head of foundation, then turn herself in.

Julie: She is reacting without counsel of an expert in the law and what are the chances that law enforcement would come down hard on the Blue Ribbon teacher? The other guy was drunk...

Jerry W: You suggest that "doing the best that you can" is enough. No. That allows one to say, "Oh, well; whatever I did was the best I could." Thus, anything is justifiable.


Terry: Would you admit to a spouse that you were unfaithful? If you receive a windfall and later discovered you were not entitled to it, would you give it back?

TY: Here is an ethical dilemma; you discover that your entire wealth and prosperity was gained through ill-gotten means. A claimant proves their case against you. Do you give up your wealth?


John(88 yrs old): In my day, "I'm OK, you're OK" wasn't OK. People knew right from wrong.

bob: The biggest problem with our society is that people can't accept that they can be wrong. It is always someone else's fault and they run to a lawyer to protect them from their own mistakes.

pegi: We need to start doing the right thing as a society or we are doomed to succumb to our own misdeeds.

SandyV: When someone hit my parked car recently and left a note confessing, I was shocked. It cost them $$$ to do so.


LCG: These are such good issues to think about. There should be more shows like this.

Lisa S-A: I hope you air similar ones and include this kind of thing in school curricula.

Lonewolf: It's good to see whatever everyone else thinks in addition to the experts.

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