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Ask John Fogerty

American singer and songwriter John Fogerty may need no introduction.  The Grammy-award winning musician has created countless hit songs for five decades with Creedance Clearwater Revival and as a solo artist, penning hit songs “Proud Mary,” “Fortunate Son,” and “Have You Ever Seen the Rain,” among others. On November 7th, Fogerty will bring his blues inspired rock tunes to PBS as part of Live by Request, an interactive television show that let’s you, the audience, control the set list.  The legendary artist will take requests via phone, Facebook, Twitter, text message and more.

This week, John Fogerty is our guest on the Inside PBS Blog.  He’ll be answering your questions about his extensive career, his new album The Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again, and his upcoming PBS performance.  Leave your questions here and I’ll select five for him to answer next week.

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John Fogerty Questions

How does he manage to stay so relevant after so many years of writing and performing?

Does he find that he is attracting younger fans today who are searching for authenticity in the musicians they follow?

John 'THE MAN' Fogerty

Does he miss the Angst of his earlier days in Berkeley?
And, how is he going to top Revival?


I was born in 1962. I cannot remember a time in my life that John Fogerty was not a big part of my daily listening. I learned to dance to CCR. I have not had the opportunity to see him in concert. My question is,"Are there plans in the future to come to Indiana?" I would crawl on broken glass to see him in concert.
John's Gr8est Fan. Elaine

Jerry Douglas

Hi John,

I've noticed that you've worked with Dobro master Jerry Douglas over the years.What kind of influence does Bluegrass music have in regards to your songwriting?


John, is there any chance that you and your CCR bandmates will perform together again?

Your sound


Where does a California boy get that swamp sound? One would swear you were born on the bayou. Did the Southern blues men influence you?


John, do you still think that someday never comes?



I know you had a revelation at the graveside of bluesman Robert Johnson - that no one really cares who owns the copyright of a song they love. That led you to start performing the old CCR songs again.

Can you also get the revelation that people who love you and CCR do not care about your personal squabbles - we just want to see you perform again in our lifetime... please?


Greetings from the thisrd world!!

I´m from Ecuador, and I crave for John and his band... I hope I could see him perform live.. I´d sing and dance like there´s no tomorrow... Thanks for the great music!!


Hello John, I am Miguel from Chile (I am 21 and I listened your music all my life).

I have a Question for you:

What were you thinking when you wrote "Someday never comes" from the Mardi Gras album?

I think is one of the best songs that you have written. I dont't know what was your inspiration for write this perfect song?

Please play it or "Jambalaya" :-)

Greetings from Chile


Sorry for my english

3 good questions

Hello John, I am Miguel from Chile (I am 21 and I listened your music all my life).

Two questions for you:

1) What was your best moment that can you remmember with CCR?

2) What does mean "Chooglin'"?, people from southamerica don't understand this word?

3) What was the most embarrassing moment with a fan?

Greetings from Chile, please play Southern Streamline.


Miguel from Chile

tuning down to D

you used the D tuning did the songs in D tuning end up that way? did they start in standard tuning, and then change to the D tuning for vocal reasons, or did you just happen to write those songs on a D tuned guitar? also, are these songs on D tuned guitar? grapevine, penthouse pauper, good golly miss molly. love ya john!!!!!!

John Fogerty Guitar Question

You're one of the most distinctive guitar players in the world. How/why did you decide not to play the lead on most of the new record?


I know you're not a fan of your Hoodoo album and you decided not to release it. But a few of those songs are, frankly, Fogerty-quality. I'm thinking in particular of "Between the Lines" and "On the Run." Would you ever consider rerecording these cuts or releasing them in their original form? You may not have good memories of the album as a whole, but those two songs and performances are fantastic. Thanks, J

Many Things

Hello John, my name is Andrés and I'm from Argentina. I'm a great fan of you since "CCR" days in the latest '60s. Well, I want to know if you'll come anytime to my country or to South America. We all don't understand why you didn't come yet. There are millions of fans of you and "CCR" in this part of the planet. The second thing I realy want to ask you is: "Please, make a rendition album to Rock And Roll like you've done with The Blue Ridge Rangers, with the all great classics songs of rock of all time. And the last, please John, do live this great songs: "Someday Never Comes", "You Don't Owe Me" and "Back In The Hills". Thank you John. A big "HUG" for you. Andrés.

The "CCR" song "Briarpatch"???...

Hello again John, I forgot to ask you what can you say about a song called "Briarpatch" you've recordered with "CCR" in the same sessions you've done "Glory Be" and "Broken Spoke Shuffle". Is this song available to see the light of the day anytime???... Thanks John. Andrés.

John Fogerty Question

I have been a fan since 1968. This is a simple question, but one that I've wanted to know about for a long, long time. There is a whistle in the break of Down On the Corner. What is the story behind that?
Bob Jones
Irving, TX

Song - I Confess

Hi John,

Who did the original version of "I Confess" and do you still play that song? Even though I know you didn't write it (and I love your writing!), it's always been one of my favorite songs by you.

pemberton festival

i was wondering if john would like to perform at the pemberton festival? its 100 miles north of vancouver british columbia, i think that he would be an awsome addition to this fest because he truly is one of the best icons out there today,when asked to list my biggest musical influences, there were only two, john fogerty and elvis.


hi john can you tell me would you be touring australia again soon

Musical Influences

Hello John. I'm a huge fan of your music both as a solo artist and with CCR. My question is who are your three biggest musical influences that have helped shape your songwriting and instrument playing?

Name of the band, CCR!

How did you select the name Creedance Clearwater Revivial?

Unplugged Fogerty?

Have you ever thought about doing an "unplugged" version of some of your hits, and favorite music? That would be my question. One of the nicest memories of my father is that when you released "BRR" 1, I was listening to "California Blues" when my father,(not a fan of rock) came in, listened and said.."He's pretty good,who is that?" With my answer, we listened to the rest of that album together... Thanks, John!

Solo Studio Version of "Have You Ever Seen The Rain"

Howdy John!
Within the last several years you did something that I don't recall you've ever done before: You recorded a new studio version of one of your songs with a producer who wasn't named John Fogerty. The song was "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" and the producer was Dan Huff, who has produced some incredibly popular artists recently including Keith Urban and Rascal Flatts. The song appeared on the soundtrack CD of the film "Evan Almighty" and I must say that it is a powerful updating of an already incredible song. Can you provide some information behind your re-recording of this song? Was it intended to be part of a larger project at one time? If so, I hope you'll consider revisiting the project someday - the results could be amazing!
Oh yeah, and THANK YOU!! Your gift of music to the world has been no less than THE soundtrack of my life!

"Maverick" Cameo??

Here's one more from me, John, and it's kinda silly: The Internet Movie Database has reported for years that you have a non-speaking cameo role in the film version of "Maverick" (Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster)? Is this really true? If so, can you elaborate a little on how that role came about, and how can we spy you in the film? :-)

Alternative Career & Your Youthfulness

John - If you had not become one of the greatest songwriters, singers and musicians of all time, what other career would you have pursued? How do you stay so youthful and good looking? Love, MM

Rarities CD or Box set

Hi John- I was born just before the first CCR album was released, so there has not been a day when your music was not in my life somehow. I'm aware of several of your songs that have not appeared on any albums, but only on vinyl 45s and CD Singles. My question is: will those songs ever be made available to the public in a digital format? Same question in regards to the All Star special and anything from the Hoodoo LP (original or re-recorded). thanks!

album tracks

Hi John, Like your many other fans,I am so glad that you are doing the CCR songs again. So many of the album tracks were also great songs,not just the hits. Please consider doing some of them again. Also, why is Proud Mary the only CCR song that was never released in stereo? Every time it is reissued, it is always in mono. Thanks for so much great music.


Hi there

I read with great envy all the people who have been or will be going to your concerts. I live in Cape Town South Africa. What are the chances of you performing here. You have many BIG fans here too!!

My tonic when I am down is to play "You're the reason" at full is such a boppy song :)

Willie and the poor boys

My grandfather was a mechanic in the Berkley area in the 60's and 70's. Family lore has the story that my grandfather, Willie Davis, was the inspiration for your song "Down on the Corner". I am asking you if this is true and is it also true that you paid for a nurse during his dying days? Thank you.

Your Number 1 fan With the Best Question You've Ever Encountered

John, Johnniebgoode here...from the forums and the concerts.

My question:

How come you're not as bitchen as me?


Hi John,
It's just legendary when a few years back you had to show the court your skills as a guitar player and composer. How did you feel about having to do that and how did this affect your composition style in the years to come?
;oyses, from Milan - Italy

Copenhagen calling

Are you coming to Copenhagen soon playing the old CCR songs ?
We have a common friend, Lucy, who I would love to invite to your concert.

El Cerrito Junior High


I am 59 and have been a huge fan since 1968. I first saw you at the old Boston Garden 1n 1970. You started with Run Through the Jungle and Wilbert Harrison opened for you.
I wonder what things were like at El Cerrito Junior High when you guys first got it together. I saw that interview with Doug Clifford, saying he went by the music room and saw this kid (You) belting out authentic Fats Domino on the piano. And he said, "Hey, want to start a band." The rest is history.
I was wondering just how many musical instruments you can play? Thanks for being a joy in my life going into the sixth decade....See you at Foxwoods in Novemeber...Paul L.

swamp funk

i read in an article that u enlisted in the late 60's in the army reserve and served time in fork polk, which lies in central louisiana. Is this where ur swamp funk sound origanated and or were there other influences that made u lean toward the what we know kno as southern classic rock?

songwriting question

What song by any artist (any genre) do you wish YOU had written?! Can't wait to see the special on PBS and tweet in my requests live!!


When are you coming back to Reno, We loved your last concert We love your music

Song insperations

Hi John
When you write songs where do you get the insperation for the song, some say they get visions, or from real life events that have happened to them.

thank you

Keep on Rockin John

John Fogerty

John, will you ever write an autobiography? There are several "unofficial" biographies in print. However, it appears that no imput was obtained from you, making these biographies seem one sided. As a fan 10 months younger than you, I would like to more about your life! Thanks!

Susie Q.

Maybe the coolest thing I`ve heard on any CCR cover tune was the use of part of an old Duals tune (sounding quite psychedelic)in the middle of Susie Q. How did that sneak in there ?

polk rock

I read in an article that u enlisted in the late 60's in the army reserve and served time in fork polk, which lies in central Louisiana. Is this where your swamp funk sound originated and or were there other influences that made u lean toward the what we know as southern classic rock? I am Andy from transfer smart wait for the answer. Thanks

Your new DVD release

Hi John,
I read that you were musically inspired by the guitar playing of the great James Burton.

Have you ever though about recording some material with James?


What do you think of the Ramones cover of "Have You Ever Seen The Rain"?


John, With all the great songs you've written, do you have an all time favorite?

No 1 fan

Gidday mate.John,what influences and role in your artistic impressions does Julie contribute and also when you are in Newcastle Australia next time bring the Missus and yourself around for a barbie(bbq) have a feed and a few slabs and relax with us. true blue fans Garry and Margaret.

Song Writing

At this stage of your career do still write songs by inspiration and what advice could you give aspiring writers to transition from inspirational writing to being able to pick a topic and write around it.


I can't wait to see you on PBS !!
My family has worn out so many albums, eight tracks, cassettes and now cd's of CCR, especially CHRONICLE. I always kept my cassette in my truck and several years ago my son took it and he and his friends just loved it too. Now we all know what songs will be playing next by heart. Will you come to Oklahoma, pretty please??

One Man Band

John, I'm a great fan of all your work and have been since the 1960's. On the first Blue Ridge Rangers album you did EVERYTHING! How did you learn to play all those instruments so well?

A Question for John Fogerty

Here are some questions for John:
What is the best advice you could give for songwriters?

Out of your entire musical career what was the most touching moment?

who is your favorite guitar player that had the most influence on your guitar playing?

Out of all the drummers you have played with if you could be stranded on a desert island with one drummer who would it be?

Why is music important to you?

What do you feel is the best song you have ever written?

Why should more artists get involved with PBS and what motivated you to get involved?

Hi John, If you could ask

Hi John,

If you could ask your sons to perform and record any one of your songs for their band Steamtrain Mary, which one would you like them to do?

See ya on the tour!!


Question For John

John Fogerty is at the top of my all time favorites list. Will he please reveal the true depth of his roots and what he listened to when he was coming up and developing his chops? Seems to me there's a lot country blues roots that go way back I haven't heard mention of and I'd just love to know.

Red telecaster

My boyfriend asked me to make this question.
He wants to know what happened to your red telecaster? He likes the sound of it very much, but now he has not seen you playing it for a long time.
Hope to see you in Finland soon!

reunion of CCR

John and CCR was the best music around. Would love to see you in a reunuion. When are you coming to Houston? GREAT MUSIC.

Places in your songwriting

Specific locales have appeared prominently in much of your songwriting over the years. Some - such as Lodi, CA - are presumably close to home for you, but you're best known for writing about cities and the bayou country of the more distant American South. Do experience and imagination play different roles in the way you relate to places in your songs? How do influences from regional musical styles such as delta blues affect these relations?
Cheers from Osijek, Croatia


Please Sing PORTERVILLE Live

John: You are the most highly respected artist in my era. Born in 1951 I have everything you ever released on CD/DVD except a full live performance of PORTERVILLE. I just have a segment of it. It was one of your best early Rock 'n' Rollers which very few seem to remember - please bring it back - LIVE on PBS - I'll definitely be watching.
God Bless

Performing with Tina

As the author of PROUD MARY, which became Tina Turner's signature song, have you ever performed it with her? If not, when will you?

Yes He Has!

FYI, John has performed Proud Mary on stage with Tina Turner. It was at London's Wembley Stadium during Tina's "24/7" Tour!


I thought I saw a quote where you John was going back to the music the fans loved. Less country and more Chooglin and Bootleg type music. So why the return of the Blue Ridge Rangers?

I would like to add that

I would like to add that since I have bought your music on everthing from
45 records,LP's,8-track,cassetes,CD's and downloads for Ipods I think I should have a say. I have made you lots of money. Please stop the country music and get back to your CCR music. Please................
And when I say I have bought them that means all of them.


Of the new and upcoming artists today, who do you see still being as relevant in 40 years from now? There are artists like yourself, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Ray Davies who keep getting better and better with age. Thanks for so many wonderful songs over the years!

16 year old

Hey John, I'm 16 years old and I have been playing guitar and for two and a half years now and have been trying to get a band together, what advice do you have on teenagers to follow the foot steps of your's and CCR's style of music?

Been a huge fan ever since I started playing guitar. I hope to see Fogerty live in Minneapolis November 18th.

Your Band

I often see people ask why you won't get back together with CCR. I think you don't have to. The band you have assembled is really great. I have seen you live about a dozen times since 1997 and all performances were flawless.
My question is when you prepare for a Live by Request do the boys know every song you've released in case you get a die hard fan ask for Effigy, or Cross-Tie Walker, or Walk on the Water?

Never Stop Rockin


Yeah Effigy!!! John could do a killer of that one live. I'm all for it!


Thank you

John, I just want to thank you! CCR and you have gotten me through Vietnam and your music has stayed with me since.
Thank you for being you!


when is your next trip to denmark


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Music notes

Which one do you hate more: flats or sharps?

john is cool

You are so Cool John!!!!


hi john i would like to hear i saw it on tv

John Fogerty, Sweden

Hello John! I want you yo come to Sweden again soon.
I've seen you in Stockholm twice and it was great! Your new album is so fantastic and i listen to it every evening. Please! Come to Stockholm again! I promise, i will be there, in front.
And I want to know:
Which country do you most like to play in if you're not allowed to say the USA?

John Fogerty, Sweden

Hello John! I want you yo come to Sweden again soon.
I've seen you in Stockholm twice and it was great! Your new album is so fantastic and i listen to it every evening. Please! Come to Stockholm again! I promise, i will be there, in front.
And I want to know:
Which country do you most like to play in if you're not allowed to say the USA?

Blue Ridge Rangers

I know nothing about playing any kind of instrument. The most fascinating musical article(s)I've ever read were the ones where you explained the entire process of your production of Blue Ridge Rangers. I can fully appreciate the extraordinary difficulty you described to pull something like that off with that kind of quality, BUT... you've gotta do another... sometime. There is no chemistry that can produce a Fogerty tune unless you're the only one involved, seriously. BRR is an iconic album. Any, even remote, possibility of doing another 100% Fogerty album with no supporting players???
PS - practice Cross Tie Walker because I sure hope there's a high level of request for that tune for the PBS show. See you there.

Love it!

Fogerty will still be cool at 90.


What is the song "blueboy" about? Was that one of the names of your guitars or someone you know? By the way, it is one of my favorite songs by you and I would love to hear it played live again.

Dylan Branson
Siler City, North Carolina

Request and Question for John

Hello John,

Love your music, and love your new CD. Would you ever consider teaming up with Alison Krauss to record a CD together? Alison is also a favorite artist of mine, and I think the two of you singing together would be awesome.
My request for the pbs live by request special is: "Joy of My Life".

Peace and Blessings to you John,

Judy from Ontario, Canada

You and Rick Nelson

I have been a huge fan since I first heard CCR in 1967, and I've had the privilege of seeing you in concert many times. I was also a fan of Rick Nelson and had the opportunity to meet him after a concert that he performed for my company in 1981. We met because of you. I was sitting in front-row center of the concert hall when he tore into 'Almost Saturday Night'. My jaw dropped and fire shot from my eyes because I first thought it was sacrilege that he would dare attempt to cover one of your songs. He saw the astonished look on my face and sang the entire song looking straight at me. A friend, acting as stage manager for the private concert, dragged me backstage afterwards and I went to a band wrap party at one of the resort condos. I was uncomfortable with some of the activity there and Rick saw my distress. We ended up walking through six inches of snow on the waterfront talking about lost chances, broken dreams and piecing ourselves back together. I learned from first hand conversation how much he admired you and your music.

On the PBS special, I would love to hear you perform Rick's 'Garden Party', then your own 'Almost Saturday Night' right behind it, dedicating both to Rick, dreams lost and dreams fulfilled. You, as well as I, know the sorrow and joy that living and loving brings. Thank you for remaining a relevant and driving musical force for all of your fans.

Marti Ferrari

Endless Sleep

Heelllooo there!

I have enjoyed your music since my early childhood and I have passed the passion on to my son Kris who is now 10 years and has been with me to all your concerts in Denmark since he was 5.

Hopefully we´ll see ya soon in Denmark again!

Would like to hear you play "Endless Sleep".

Love your new video!

Oh, and by the way...StreamTrain Mary has really got something ;-)

All the best to you and yours
from Ann & Kris in Denmark

When I turn on my iTouch...

I always go to my Chronicle album by CCR! I listen to you all the time because your songs cheer me up instantly.

When I was in Lodi I was really happy because it reminded me of your song! Lodi is one of my favorite songs, but I love them all!

It's a shame that I wasn't born at the right time or the right place, but I'm really glad that your music has endured these times.

On the show, I would love it if you could play some less well-known songs. Of course, less well-known to a teenager!

Good luck and I'll always support you! :)

lugares de conciertos

sr fogerty,como uno de sus fans argentinos tengo cierta curiosidad por saber cuando vendra a tocar a la Argentina,ya que su musica es la mejor y estoy seguro que muchos de sus fans argentinos tambien quieren verlo y le comento que aqui somos muy demostrativos de nuestra admiracion a figuras tan grandes como usted... cuando se presentara aqui???

blues john

put a candle in the window i feel i have to move

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