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Video Your Vote

Have you ever wanted to see what it's like to vote everywhere around the country? Each election year, we hear reports about voting problems (long lines, broken machines) and success stories (record turnout, first-time voters) at polling places from small towns to big cities.

This year, PBS is teaming up with YouTube to create the largest library of Election Day content. We're not sure what we'll find out yet - that's up to the successes and failures of our polling system, and you, as videographers, to report what you see.

We'll be featuring some of the best videos on this site, at, and on NewsHour's Election Day broadcast. You can submit a video at, as well as explore resources on how to vote, learn about what to look for from archival footage in previous election years, and see election-themed content from PBS shows.

Remember that recording at the polls is not something to be taken lightly. There are complex rules about bringing cameras to polling places, so make sure to check the voter guidelines and state rules.

I still cast my vote in the gym at the elementary school I went to many years ago, and have never been able to see what it's like to vote at an inner city polling booth or in a one-room schoolhouse, or on a Native American reservation. What's it like in your neighborhood? Are you voting in the same place as you did in 2004?

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Great and very interesting

Great and very interesting idea, I'd love to see something like this in the UK where I live.

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