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Francis Collins 
Are Science and Theology in Conflict?
Personal Views on Faith
Scientific Discovery and Theology
Genetic Engineering and Theology
The Different Methods of Science and Theology
Human Cloning
George Coyne
Does Evolution Lead to Atheism?
Can Science Tell Us About God?
Can Science Inform Theology in General?
Ron Numbers
Have Science and Religion Always Been in Conflict?
Background on Creationism
How was Evolution Perceived Historically?
Rustum Roy
Can Theology Play a Role in Policy Making?
The 'God' of Steven Hawking
Bob Russell
Do Science and Theology Add to Each Other?
Are Scientists and Theologians Covering Similar Ground?
Can Theology Inform Science?
Ted Peters
HGP Ethical Research
A Cautious Optimism
Is DNA sacred?
Is Genetic Engineering 'Playing God?'
Genetic Determinism
Do we have Free-Will?
What Determines Behavior?
Do Genes Bring Back Original Sin?
Nancey Murphy
Can Theology Add to Our Understanding of Reality?
The Origin of the Separation of Science and Theology
The Necessary Overlap Between Science and Theology
Are Evolution and Christian Theology in Conflict?
How Might God Relate to Evolution?
Sir Isaac Newton
Charles Darwin
Dolly the Cloned Sheep
Egg Manipulation
DNA Double-Helix
Castel Gandolfo
Pontifical Academy
Kitt Peak Telescope
Galaxies and Nebulae
Big Bang

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