"Faith and Reason" is an hour-length documentary about the interaction between science and religion, both historically and today. Through interviews with leading scientists and theologians, the program explores the history of the relationship between these two fields, and reveals that, contrary to widespread popular opinion, for most of history science and religion have been deeply entwined. Moreover, the program looks at a growing movment of scientists and theologians around the world today who believe that faith and reason can support one another. Here we consider issues in evolutionary biology, cosmology, genetics, and technology.

So far most of the people involved in this movement have been working in a Christian context, so that is what we focus on in this program. But issues raised by science ultimately affect people of all faith traditions and we hope the program and website will be of value to believers from many different religions.

"Faith and Reason" is hosted by internationally noted science writer Margaret Wertheim, who has written widely about this subject in books and magazine articles. Ms Wertheim is the author of the pieces on this site.

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