Full Transcript of 'Faith and Reason' TV Program

Full Transcript
Presenter - Margaret Wertheim

Bob Russell Transcript
Dr. Robert Russell

Bob Russell talks about the science and religion dialogue

 Richard Dawkins talks about 'The Selfish Gene' and religion

Richard Dawkins Transcript
Dr. Richard Dawkins

George Coyne Transcript
Dr. George Coyne, S.J.

George Coyne talks about the role of religion in his work at the Vatican Observatory

Francis Collins talks about the ethical and theological aspects of his work on the Human Genome Project

Francis Collins Transcript
Dr. Francis Collins

Ted Peters Transcript
Dr. Ted Peters

Ted Peters talks about the theological issues surrounding genetic engineering.

 Ron Numbers talks about the history of science and religion

 Ron Numbers Transcript
Dr. Ron Numbers

Steven Weinberg Transcript
Dr. Steven Weinberg

Steven Weinberg talks about the universe as seen through his work in physics

 Rustum Roy talks about the practicality of science and religion

 Rustum Roy Transcript
Dr. Rustum Roy

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