Below is a list of some of the primary source documents used as part of FIRST FREEDOM: The Fight For Religious Liberty. Explore some of the documents found at the Library of Congress, the National Archives and other places. Take a more detailed look at some of the key founders in the fights for religious freedom including Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, George Washington and others.

Important Documents

Declaration of Independence Transcript (National Archives)

Consitution of the United States of America (National Archives)

Bill of Rights Transcript (National Archives)

Virginia Declaration of Rights (National Archives)


Thomas Jefferson

The Jefferson Bible (

The Thomas Jefferson Papers (Library of Congress)

A Bill for Establishing Religious Freedom (Library of Congress)


George Washington

The George Washington Papers (Library of Congress)

George Washington's Inaugural Address 1789 (National Archives)

George Washington's Letter to the Hebrew Congregation of Newport (Touro Synagogue)


Thomas Paine

The Writings of Thomas Paine (

The Rights of Man (


Church and State

The Church and State Debate (Library of Congress)


Thomas Jefferson and John Adams

Letters from Thomas Jefferson and John Adams about Life Religion and the Young Republic (National Humanities Center)


Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography (Library of Congress)


James Madison

James Madison (Library of Congress)


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