First Peoples: Africa

First Peoples

First Peoples: Africa Preview

Aired: 2015-06-24 04:00:00 0:30 Rating: NR

Examine research that suggests we humans are patchwork species of hybrids.

Around 200,000 years ago, a new species, Homo sapiens, appeared on the African landscape. While scientists have imagined eastern Africa as a real-life Garden of Eden, the latest research suggests humans evolved in many places across the continent at the same time. DNA from a 19th-century African-American slave is forcing geneticists to re-think the origins of our species. The theory is that our ancestors met, mated and hybridized with other human types in Africa — creating ever greater diversity within our species.

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Learn about Omo-1

Learn about Omo-1

195,000 years ago, Omo-1 was a hunter prowling the east African savanna.

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