First Peoples: Asia

First Peoples

First Peoples: Asia Preview

Aired: 2015-07-01 04:00:00 0:30 Rating: NR

Discover a type of ancient human whose genes helped us face down extinction.

What happened when early humans ventured out of Africa and into Asia? Where did they go and whom did they meet along the way? The latest evidence suggests they left far earlier than previously thought and interbred with other types of ancient human - Homo erectus, Neanderthals and also the Denisovans, whose existence was established only five years ago when geneticists extracted DNA from a tiny fragment of finger bone. Because these ancient humans mated with our ancestors, their genes have found a home in our DNA. More than that, they’ve helped us survive and thrive.

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Learn About The Woman from Tam Pa Ling

Learn About The Woman from Tam Pa Ling

63,000 years ago, a woman died in the forested hills of northern Laos.

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